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Featured Story: Never More Lonely



October - time of pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, .... Ummm, excuse me while I grab a snack...


Ok - um, back - where were we? Oh yes, our Featured Story! This week, LouisHarris gives us a great review of Never More Lonely by Hosted Author Cia. Enjoy!


by Cia


Reviewer: LouisHarris
Status: In Process
Word Count: 2,050


I read this story because the title Never More Lonely hooked me. Then the first word of the first paragraph hit me, and I couldn't stop reading, not for a second. It tells the story of Owen who met Connor online and this line sums up the entire story for me. Maybe it's the fact that my inspiration isn't someone I know in real life. My sunshine is someone I've never even met.The pacing is fast and there is an element of suspense to the story. When I heard the bangs, I really thought there could be robbery or a murder taking place next door, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. The story grabbed me emotionally, and as you well know, emotion does it for me. I didn't cry or anything like that, but my beaming smile made even my yorkie smile, such was the effect.


A great flash. It has all the elements of good story telling.(Anything less from Cia would be a disappointment). All the elements are there. Plus, I felt it was a good character building exercise. The descriptions of Owen and Conner mix well with the dialogue and narrative.


First Impressions: I loved the strong, fast pacing. It held me glued to the screen straight through.
Characters: Both are equally well developed and realistic. Intense personalities.
Plot: Strong, well planned with a beginning, middle and end. realistic.
Dialogue: Authentic. It gave me details of place and character.
Content: Well, placed. Precision and clarity abound. Easy to follow. It catches and hold the reader with flair.
Emotion/Imagery: Strong emotions from me towards the end, adds drama and realism to the characters.
Likes: Skeevy, geeky,sleek,


Final thoughts: A delightful, interesting read that I would certainly reread (and I have). Amazing characters by the way! Thank you for sharing this Cia.


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Well Starbucks have been gracious enough this year to introduce their pumpkin spiced lattes to the UK, so I now have something extra yummy to drink whilst reading - only problem is, I've had four large lattes so far today, so am in the middle of a major caffeine buzz.


Off to read :)

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  • Site Administrator

I'd like to mention, at the time this was written, the question was up in the air to my readers about whether or not I'd continue the story for a short while (it won't end up being beyond 6k) or leave it as a solo flash piece. They all voted for it to continue, so while the first chapter can definitely stand alone, I will be continuing the story through the month of October.


A big thank you goes out to Louis for his very thoughtful, and complimentary, review.

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Ahem. I would like to add Pumpkin Spice Eggos too the list. Holy Moly. Those things are awesome. Dare you to try to resist smearing them with the brown sugar flavored cream cheese. Yummy.


Oh and Cia dear, you are always one of my favorites. I am glad you decided to add to this story because it is a good one. I want to know what happened. Also, I bought Pricolici Saturday night on Amazon. I love that story. I loved Tuckers markings when he came into his power. It made me want to go get another tattoo though. Of course that is always an issue with me. More, more,more. :o)

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Thank you so much Carrie! Did you know those are real? Yeah, I know, I'm a horrible thief. Real survivors of lightning strikes can often get markings exactly like I described. They're burns from the path of the lightning. They're called Lichtenburg figures (or flowers) and they can create awesome natural fractals. Tucker's ... well, let's just say that Tucker's aren't exactly going to be completely natural, being as he isn't exactly natural. I do so love to take existing things and make them my own. Depending on how much I make for sales I've actually been considering getting a Lichtenburg flower tattoo myself.


This is one of my favorite designs.

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