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I got a job offer, yay! Feels like Charlie after Golden ticket




Seriously, I feel like I just got the golden ticket. It's not the best job in the world, but it is at least paying me a fair salary based on my ability, education, and licensing. I''ll get a signing bonus, a staff of three people, and an annual increase based on corporate operations. However, it's better than working for next to nothing, getting promoted and taking on responsibilities that belong to others, and never getting any respect.


My position will be just a senior level accountant, but I don't care. It's better than being a controller with no control over your own money.


I have had to deal with a lot of crap over the last few months as my blog could show by the incessant messes that senior management has gotten this company into. They are going to kill this business by being frivolous and insane with money management.


Part of me feels bad for those people I am leaving behind to deal with their messes, but I am also relieved to get out with my shirt.


Am I a sell out for going corporate? Probably yes, but non-profit is a dying concept with antiquated people, who are far too liberal and too ignorant of financial measures to survive. Health care cannot be a zero-sum game.

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Well done sir! It's not a sellout because it's going down anyways by the look of it. But don't write NFP off just yet. It's the future of capitalsm. It's going to be the new socialsm. Just ... just enjoy your new role, and relax a wee bit!

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Look it's about saving one's skin. It's not because of you that they are in that position and you tried your level best to pull them out of it. That is all anyone can ask out of an honest man. Rest is your own business. Congratulations on your new job, and based on your progressively depressing posts before, Good Riddance. Hoping for happier days now. God Bless. Hugs and Chocolates.

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