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When You Don't Need More



When you start a realationship there's so much to learn, teach, and accept that if you have the right person, you will definitely know it.


I was so lucky, and I wish it for all of you here. I like to write good things and i am lucky enough to have them to write about. At work the other day, my hubby called me and said," I had to go and get so and so for the plant. I was like, " You have already left?". ( we have both been working at the same place for over 25 years.) He said," Yes, but if I need to, I can turn around and come back. What do you need?" After 29 years of marriage, I am still his first priority and i am not going to lie .It feels damn good. When he said that to me it reminded me once again how lucky i am. I am proud to be in a less than perfect but wonderful relationship Nothing is a bed or roses, but always remember that no matter how beautiful the rose, there's the thorns to contend with, but that is also what strengthens the relationship.


I spent the weekend with my best friend, came home to a spotless house, laundry done, and and attitude from him that made me know that he was glad that I was home.


So for all of you that are always wondering, is he or she the one, I don't know if I really like them, etc. When you find the right one, these questions or doubts will not be there. You will know.


Even though he is straight, he listens to me laughing at some of the stuff I read on here, i share it with him, and he enjoys is also. Be honest, share, and keep and open mind. I wish some of you could meet him because he is a very strong accepting and supportive person. I wish one like him for each of you.:)


Just a little rant guys. Hugs to all

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I know exactly what you mean Jo. Most people say me and Stuby just fit each other, and we do. Of course it isn't always smooth. It would be damn boring if it was. His parents hear us bickering and say we are like a married couple. That makes us both smile. We know it's a long hard road to finally getting together, not just because of my issues but with him being miles away at Uni too. He's in his third year, so, he can't give it up now. I wouldn't let him even if he wanted too. A relationship is a partnership, give and take. I'm so glad you have what you have Jo. You're one of the people that deserves it :hug:

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**is now having very bad thoughts about having a straight guy all of its very own** thanks for that Jo :hug:

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I second your thought, Andy. It's open season for eligible straight guys, did you know? *goes to find his shotgun*


Thank you Joann for sharing your love. It is true; you are indeed quite blessed to find such a guy! God bless you both! I am not so sure that I shall be lucky as such! Anyways, Mark and Stuby and many others like them give me hope that Love is not a fairytale! I personally think, it is doubly difficult to find a true same sex lover than a heterosexual one. But then again, we are talking about Love; so, you have to take all those unpredictable chance occurrences into consideration. I just hope and pray, my karma does not lead me into a sad single life or worse still a loveless relationship. *Rubs nose with Joann* Hope I get some good luck on me too, mama bear. Hugs and Chocolates. :)

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