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Merry or Miserable Holiday



Miserable, Not Merry



Yep, you are gone, and I am miserable. We had agreed three months ago to live together, you being the one that said we were the most compatible couple you had ever seen. Yeah, right, you fled last night when I said the three words," i love you". Sorry, you were not ready, but I was stressed, holding my feelings at bay.


Fa la la la la is driving me crazy when in my normal life I would be the happy Christmas person lighting up other's lives for the holiday. So, if you choose not to be mine, I will be a ghost of Christmas past, or just a ship passing in the night. Whichever, I celebrate the time that we shared.



Christmas EVe is my favorite night of the year, the anticipation of Christmas morn, watching nieces and nephews opening their gifts, and this night, I am thinking of you, wondering who you are spending this most wonderful night of the year. Not putting a guilt trip on you, just telling you that I wish you were the favorite gift in my stocking, waiting for me to run my hand down your being, acknowleding the fact that you are indeed my gift of the wonderful future that I envisioned for us.



So for some reason if you choose to return in the near future, becoming the beautiful gift of the holiday, I will be so happy to accept you, my heart, my feeling of contentment, courage to face the day, and above all, the person that accepts that love that I offer.


Not an ending, but a beginning for the two of us and if you have any doubt, look in the bottom of your stocking.

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Holidays are so bitter/sweet sometimes. So many wishes, hoping they come true, this resonates with me, Jo. I hope the bottom of my stocking has my beautiful gift of the holiday. :)

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I actually look forward to the comedy of the Holidays.


Since I'm clean and sober, I can sit back and watch the fun as my alcoholic and addicted relatives duke it out over stuff that happened way before most of us were even born.

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Thanks rj.


James, it can become a fiasco at times during the holidays. makes me question my sanity. If I quit drinking before the holidays they would probably find me hidden somewhere in the woods behind the house. lol

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I'm sorry things are going nuts for you. This is the time of the year that most people lose their minds. Sorry to hear things are so off. I know this is your holiday season. Hoping it gets better for you.

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Joann, This is an emotionally vivid piece of writing. Between this and the prompt you recently did, I hope we hear more from you.


Hope too, that your Thanksgiving and Christmas weigh heavily on the merry side with nothing on the misery. -Percy

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I don't do Thanks Giving, we call it Harvest Festival over here, I've never done Halloween either, heck I only had my first Christmas last year. But, what I know is how important your family are to you Jo, so I wish you Happy Holidays.

I can say your writing is emotional, thought provoking, and you have improved so much, you're a natural. We want more :)

Huge hugs as always Jo :hug:

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