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Writing Prompts #198 & #199



For some of us, it's been a short work week, but Friday's are still a day to look forward to. We always look forward to Friday's here as that means two new writing prompts, thanks to Comicfan, our writing prompt's guru. These writing prompts are a great way to stretch the writing muscles - but when you do, share your efforts with the community in our Writing Prompts forum.


Prompt 198 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following in a story – dish rag, a new shirt, a box of chocolates, a broken window, and a snowman.


Prompt 199 – Creative
Tag – First Line
“Here we go again!”


In a blast to the past, I took a look at some of the prompt responses from a year ago, and came across a response to prompt 98 that I loved. The prompt was "Here is the situation - Five years ago your life was falling apart around your ears. With no real direction left you sign on to take part in a government experiment which will place you and 9 other people into lock up with no communication with the rest of the world until the time is up. Tomorrow the doors will automatically unlock allowing all of you out. What has it been like? Who are the others? What is the project you have been working on?"

They'd lied to us.


We weren't working on an experiment. We were the experiment.


I was shivering in my bed, the measly blanket that covered me not nearly enough to keep me warm. The effects of what they had done had changed others more than me but the sadistic bastards enjoyed torturing me more for some reason. Maybe it was because I'd killed one of them. I'd fought so hard for the first year.


I didn't have much fight left in me.


I had lost my savings and my family. With only days left on the lease of my cardboard box of an apartment in the slums, I'd desperately scanned the ads. I'd seen one for scientific service that seemed promising.


They had said we'd be locked in the dome for five years. It was supposed to be an ecological study to see if humans could adapt to a new planetary environment. There had been a new planet discovered just outside of populated space and there were apparently creatures on 'MC-214-XXV' that were slaughtering the human troops they sent against them. We were supposed to be alone, no outside contact.


That was just another lie.


They wanted the planet. On my world what they wanted, they got. The nameless faces had stood behind thick clearplaz watching the experiments they performed on me. Four of the others had died immediately. Two had gone insane and damaged themselves so severely the doctors had put them down.


Intrigued? Check out the rest of this great response by Cia!




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