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This saturday is Chaz and I's three month anniversary. I'm freaking out and apparently so is he. We both wanted to plan something so we compromised. One of us will plan the night when the other can have the day. We played rock paper scissors and I got the night. So I feel like cooking and Selene and I poured through several cook books. I found something I wanted to make. I found out he's allergic to something in it.


So i found something else I want to make but it requires alot more time than I'm ready to give. So on the third search I found the perfect plate. I went to the store where I ran into my ex. He is dating some guy that looked like he wanted to beat the crap out of me. So I decided to stay, you know for giggles.


My ex was talking a mile a minute about something or other when I saw Chaz walk by holding a huge cake. I ducked behind the cereal wall. The jealous boyfriend of my ex decided that this was the perfect time to get me to leave because he yelled out my name very loudly. No I didn't hit the bastard but I took off as quick as possible.


My ex follows me out and asks If I could give them a ride. I think about this for a long time and finally i give in. Not because I want to but because I really needed to leave. I promnised Chaz I wouldn't snoop into what he is doing as long as he didnt snoop on me.


So the drive was the most stressful ride in my life. I could feel the bastards eyes on me. I wanted to go back there and slap him around a little bit. Luckily the ride wasnt that long and I dropped them off. I drove to another market and I got all I needed so I could make it.


When I get home I find that Rob and David are arguing and I do the last thing any friend should ever do. I told them to break up already. Selene's mouth drops and pulls me away from the room. then she gives me a huge hug.


"Its about time you said it," she said. Apparently she was waiting for me to tell them this for a long time. I asked her why she didn't do it? She didnt because she didnt want to be the bad guy. This is when Chaz walks in with the cake and sings happy birthday to David. I had to smuggle Chaz out of the state. David doesn't celebrate birthdays.


GREEN running over border.


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Happy Anniversary Green and Chaz!!


Wow, 3 months already! Time flies when you're having fun!

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