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Sometimes Its Nice To Let Things Flow

Hunter Thomson


Do you ever get the feeling like you're not good enough?
Yeah, that's me. This guy. The one with more awards on his shelf than he knows what to do with, who's helped shaped and pass legislation in the face of bitter and personal opposition and who's repeatedly distinguished himself academically and politically. I know what I've done with my life so far, and right now all I can muster is a "so what?"


I'm still dangerously underemployed. I'm 26 and live with my parents. I have no immediate prospects for work in either my political field or my educational field (though there are a few people pulling strings for me in the teaching world), and I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe I'll be working full time in the near future. Frankly, this isn't where I thought I'd be, and it's playing hell with my plans that I made for myself.


The plan was to be teaching or a full-time worker by now, building up my contacts in the community and preparing for a run at municipal politics next year. I'm not ready. No one thinks I'm a serious candidate in spite of how well I acquitted myself before. I'm seen as a gadfly, and by all rights people are correct. I have nothing in my life that signals I'm a serious being. I'm supposed to be one of the people who helps shape my little corner of the world, maybe make things a bit better than they were. How am I supposed to accomplish anything like combating homelessness when I can't even land a job?


I hate this.


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Hey buddy, don't be so hard on yourself. When I was 26, I was still studying and nowhere near certain what my future life would bring. Now I'm double that age and well settled and content. You still have lots of possibilities. :yes:


The one thing I've always liked about myself (and there's plenty of stuff I don't like) is my optimistic and positive outlook on life and other people. I always expect or hope for the best and it's made me a generally happy person. If things haven't worked out, I've been sad and upset, but if you're always focusing on the bad stuff, I think it can come to color your whole existence. I have two cousins who're like that and even though they are more successfull on the outside, I wouldn't want to switch lives.


Find joy in what you do, try to project optimism and a positive outlook and you may be surprised what it can do for the way other people react to you.


Best wishes  :hug:


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