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The Bard's Pursuit (2) - An L P W Ballad

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This is the second (and concluding) part to my ballad which I wrote to cheer a friend up. If you haven't read part 1, you can find it here: http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/664/entry-16410-the-bards-pursuit-1-an-l-p-w-ballad/ As a reminder, it's loosely based on elements of Last Post Wins, a popular game here on GA. I had enormous fun writing this and I hope you enjoy it.






The bard's pursuit (Part 2)


The bard he came straight to the Queen

And found her quite alone.

Her crown it shone with gold so bright

He cursed and stopped a moan.


He so desired to snatch the prize

His head did swim with greed;

The lust he felt was red and hot

And drove him to the deed.


The Queen looked up and saw the bard,

She fixed him with her glare.

Her icy calm and regal look

Near stopped his traitorous dare.


The evil man, he honed his tongue

Foul havoc for to wreak,

His words, all fell and steeped in blood,

Were on his lips to speak.


One cough was heard and then a bark,

A chirp, a fearsome growl.

The bard he chittered, honked and squeaked

And gave forth one lone howl.


“Feel my power, you wretched man!”

The Queen she said wth glee.

“Your voice has lost its magic spell

And has no hold on me.”


He growled and whined, then sobbed and sighed,

His life it had no worth.

He would not live so long to see

A last night on this earth.


The Queen called forth her knights so bold,

Who should have been her guard.

A single man before her stood,

The wretched, speechless bard.


One knight did know the bard full well,

His heart from love did bleed.

He stood before the Queen and said:

“Pray, spare his life, I plead.”


The knight, he pled his cause with skill

And never a vengeful thought.

This man his eyes had opened wide,

Love's ways had he been taught.


The Queen she sat in judgement long,

Then gave forth her reply:

“This man, I see, means much to you

I cannot let him die.”


The bard could scarce believe his ears,

He kissed his saviour's hand.

He looked up at the Queen and said,

“I wait for your command.”


“Beg pardon of my knight so fair,”

The Queen she said with force.

“You spurned this man most heartlessly

Yet love does through him course.”


“This crown is not for you to take

It is the Queen's alway.

Now go you forth and do good deeds

In memory of this day.”

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Recommended Comments

Awesome! The Bard has a wonderful Knight, after all. And the Queen succumbed to the magic of a man's tongue - but it was the Knight's, after all!


Now surely will the Bard sing praise

unto the Queen for all her days,

and just as certain love so bright

will croon the Bard for his fair Knight.



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The bard does live but with great debts,

Both Queen and knight to pay.

To serve them both will be his life

For each and every day.


Thank you both for your praise. :)

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Even more bloody brilliant!! :) That final verse in the comments adds the perfect final touch :yes: 

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11 hours ago, Headstall said:

Even more bloody brilliant!! :) That final verse in the comments adds the perfect final touch :yes: 

Thanks, Gary. I'm very fond of this - it's not deep but it did the job.

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