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Story Updates: 0's And 1's Book 2



Yes, I am working on its recovery right now. I should have at least 3 chapters ready by next week.


Also, I am really glad that my story is getting some word of mouth treatment, thanks Dark and everyone for sharing this among other readers. I've started getting fan mail again from first time readers :D


I know everyone wants to hear a few spoilers about Book 2, so I'll give you some character directions:


1. Hunter- Following Book 1, he's lost a lot of direction in his fight for justice. He also has a lot of questions for himself and his relationships. Kevin's sacrifice for him has a deep emotional impact, but it also serves as a double reflection on his inability to save his dead boyfriend, Ryan. These facts along with a forced change in venue will lead him down roads that he'd never contemplated before; even to the point of surrendering to his fears.


2. Kevin- Yes, he survived, but he has some very interesting scars now from the shooting. Kevin also has an interesting road ahead of him in Book 2, serving both as a conduit of ideas and a conscience. I won't let the kid off the hook with an easy happy ending, he has to work for it and along the way, I think readers will understand why Kevin is my first creation.


3. Benji- He's getting a nice long story arc in Book 2, separate from Hunter and Kevin's journeys, until half way through the Book. Benji wll learn some new truths about people and relationships, history and ethics, and what it means to be gay in both action and identity.


Old characters from Book 1 will appear again, plus several new ones as the scope increases and widens. I am adding 3 female LGBT characters in a "poly" relationship, along with new villains behind the attack on the School and even open doors for a few plot holes that I intentionally left to be filled (If you read Book 2's first 3 chapters carefully and reflect on what happened in Book 1, you will see a symmetry forming).


The fight in this story is not just a traditional battle between LGBT vs. Christian bigotry, it goes deeper and the characters are not uniformly equal in belief or attitudes. I am going to spend some time with my villains and anti-heroes in this book as well, not merely faceless killers or masters of the universe plotters, they are human like John Milton and Jesse Heron, or new villains from different vantage points within the larger conflict.


Also, in my big reveal in Book 1, this story is told from the future about 100 years after the "Cyber Wars", an information war over ideology has real world applications and what we call cyber-bullying/cyber-terrorism may be indistinguishable if the scope and goals are tied together. Intimidation and psychological destruction are integral to both.


Lastly, a few readers wondered, what distinguishes C.I.S.S from other extremists groups that seek to destroy the LGBT in fiction?


My answer, they're not out there to destroy us, if you read "Rising Inferno" from book 1, their main aim is based on Islamophobia, we're secondary targets of disruption to shore up a social weakness, a nature of empathy that we by nature hold and shift society towards a more open setting.


My fellow writers have stories of evil Christian leaders in the mold of Phelps Westboro Baptists, but my C.I.S.S is more like the modern Christian Right (the one that Donald Trump is drawing part of his influence from): more data driven, more technically skilled, and more aggressive in long term goals against an older and more powerful enemy, Islam itself (I won't hide the reality that these people imply). This modern group don't exist in a vacuum either, world events have made them more powerful in the silent policies and positions within government just like C.I.S.S is in my story.


A tragedy is that I was writing months before San Bernadino and Orlando in escalating fashions. I hope Book 2 will not turn into another nightmare with real world parallels.

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