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Stuff for a normal day...



Chaz went to Selene's house a few minutes ago. Like me he's had enough of her crap. I dont get it to tell you the truth. She has always liked Chaz and she never had a problem with him. Oh man I just want a quiet week. Chaz and I have spring break and we're going to New York. I want to see my cousins and Jonathan. David is coming with us but he's going to see his brother and meet his brother's friends. This is just what we need. We need to get away from everything for a while. I cant wait.


Julio called me this morning. He's moving here permanently in about a month and he wanted to know if I could help him find a new apartment. I told him I would. Chaz wasnt too happy but he said it was alright. To tell you the truth that amuses me. Chaz can be so cute when he's jealous.


I saw my Ex this morning, he's been dating my High School Crush. They seem to be happy and I am happy about that. My Ex might be crazy but deep down he is a good person. I talked to him about Rob and my ex told me that he had seen him and he was talking about me, but he said that he misess David. I told him About David and Steve. He seemed surprised and I asked him why? I guess Rob had told everyone that David and he were still trying to get back together. I was getting a headache so I moved on.


We went to lunch at the restaurant Chaz's older brother works at. We sat at the bar and talked to him. I guess Chaz's brother hadn't heard what had happened last week. I told them what happened as I showed them the stitches and the bruises.


The first thing out of Chaz's brother's mouth is, "I knew Mike was gay," I nodded. Then it occurs to me that I just outed his brother to him. I asked him not to say anything he said he wouldn't and that he really didnt want to be involved from what he'd heard from me. He didnt want his brother to lash out against him too. Then he told me that he knew they were both gay a long time ago but he wanted them to come out when they were ready.


I asked him about the Emo boys. I hadn't seen them around. Apparently one had transferred to another school upstate and the other wasnt emo anymore because he felt like he was posing. So he's not anymore but he had asked about me. I told him to give them my number if he heard from them. I liked them they are really nice kids.




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Chaz and Green:)


I very much hope you enjoy Spring Break:) Good for you and go and enjoy:)


As to Selene, I totally agree with what Bev said. Chaz did nothing wrong and I hope she works it out with him but he has nothing to feel guilty about concerning Selene. I hope she finds her way back to her dear friends.


BTW Green maybe you and Chaz can help Julio together and take Chaz with you on the effort to find a place for Julio. This way twice the effort and twice the brain power and Chaz and Green can bond and hopefully all will feel better about getting to know each better and communications are out in the open.


Even my head is spinning concerning David...I hope he is deciding to stay with Steven....I am sure that's his plan....fingers crossed for both of them:)


I hope all is well for you all:) I think Chaz and Mike's big bro is cool and its smart of him to wait for Mike to come to him when Mike is ready:) and I know he will be supportive:)



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Huggles 4 mr Green n mr Chaz n mr red n mr yello n mr brown n mr blue O n Mr Orange :great: o. wait. thet is the m & m's. :unsure: um. I will b back later n try a gen. k? Huggles

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Huggles 4 mr Green n mr Chaz n mr red n mr yello n mr brown n mr blue O n Mr Orange :great: o. wait. thet is the m & m's. :unsure: um. I will b back later n try a gen. k?



Mikie! You are too cute, you know that right??? :2thumbs::hug::hug: Hugs to you! :D


- Kaiten

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Well Mr. Mikie...while Mr. Green and Mr. Chaz are eating the M and Ms (yummy delicious:) they can give each other huggles:) hee hee.....there should be a candy named Huggles in honor of Mikie:)


and Mikie's new pengiun is very huggable:)


Chaz and Green, I hope you are engaging in huggies:) and kisses too with each other...winks:)



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I wonder what a huggle would be like.


I suggest pecans, carmel and choclate. Oh wait that's a turtle.


Mmmmmm turtles, *drool* they taste like :wub:

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