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So it's pretty much clear that Selene is persona non grata at our house until she stops her nonsense. She came by last night demanding that I speak to her. I pulled her outside to the backyard and we spoke, well rather I spoke and she yelled. She cant believe that I am dating someone that would hit me. I told her that Chaz didn't hit me on purpose for the upteempth time. She then pointed out that it's the reason why I have stitches and I told her that it was. I reiterated the fact that it wasn't on purpose.


She then brought up a sore spot with me. She brought up my first boyfriend, Ricky. Ricky and I never had a stable relationship. He used o cheat on me and we fought all of the time. I mean physical fights. I remember one night when I found him kissing some else I beat the hell out of him. He came back and he hit me just as badly. This was years ago and I really didn't want to relive that whole situation ever again. last I heard he was busted selling drugs to minors.


Well this is where I got angry and I tried to walk away but she wouldn't have it. She pulled me back and mentioned the fact that it was an abusive relationship and that it was where Chaz and I were headed. I wanted to smack her. I tried to walk away from her once again but she pulled me back asking me to think about this. "Chaz is abusive,"she said.


"No you know what is abusive? You are abusive. You are attacking me right now. You are trying to force me into doing the last thing I ever want to do," I yelled. My neighbors the crazies were watching us so I pulled myself away and I locked the door before she could even get in.




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Green and Chaz...


Ouch...and shame on Selene for comparing your relationships..and it implies you haven't grown or changed. How did Selene go from telling Green that he better be with Chaz and its the best thing since hugs were invented to Chaz is abusing Green? OMG!! I mean it was clear to everyone that Chaz and Mike were in a heated argument that had nothing to do with Green and dealt with deep issues regarding Chaz and Mike and their childhood and abuse issues that were inflicted upon them and all in the middle of Mike coming out and the pain that Chaz feels regarding the abuse both experienced. I mean if Selene heard any of that and having been told about it (especially Chaz's blog entry regarding his brother and his comments) it is clear that Chaz is not abusing Green and they are not in an abusive relationship....it was an accident and Chaz and Green love each other and have never been abusive toward each other and are working on communication issues and keeping it real in their love for each other....how wonderful is that!! I feel its amazing and extraordinary and love as magical and special as Rainbows:)


Chaz feels horrible enough about all of that and about the accident with Green...I don't understand Selene...I feel bad for her but in that I really believe she is way off track and off the rail on this...I am still hoping she comes around...I am sure Chaz tried his best to talk sense to Selene..sad that she has closed herself off on this....


I feel you did the right thing Green..I hope that you and Chaz get away as you said you are...maybe upon your return things will calm down....fingers crossed...and I hope Selene comes to her senses and understands it was an accident and not intentional and far from abuse.....


To me, Green and Chaz are a loving couple who do their best to keep it real and we all have issues but yours is a loving relationship and you are working on communication and keeping it real......Amen, brothers:)


Hugs and more Hugs sent your way and extra Huggles:)



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I am so over this. She needs to cut it out. She knows she's wrong but she's so proud that she cant admit it. It's sad that she'd rather end our friendship than swallow her pride. Chaz and I dont even care if she appologizes all I care is that she stops calling our relationship an abusive one.


Chaz is stressing over this and he even asked me if I thought of him as abusive and I told him no. I am the abusive one, well I am more prone to fighting than he is. :blink: David is also pissed off about this. He called her and yelled at her for like an hour and when he finally hung up he was madder than he was when he started the conversation.


Now I decided to not pay it any mind anymore. She knows what she's doing and her motives are for doing this to us but I dont have to let it bother me. She wont come in my house while she says those things.


I went out with my new friends today. You know the girl i met on the floor of my class and her friend. Well I introduced them to Chaz and he was all over him. She was too not surprisingly. We are going to go to their show this weekend before we leave. I am excited. Goes to show that when you lose a couple of friends there are always some waiting by.



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Green and Chaz:)


Chaz..abusive....um, does giving you major loving and then some and you to him abusive....well, if some, as the saying goes in that famous line from "When Harry Met Sally" (and yeah, I know the line was discussing um well you know) but as the line goes "I will have what he is having".....pretty please:)


I am betting Selene will come to her senses....beyond all that get on with life...get away and as to the new friends make it clear that you and Chaz are very much the committed boyfriends to each other (I still have that icky scene in my head from ages ago...ewww...when Green was approached by the bisexual couple to do three ways with them and to add in Chaz for four ways.......) I am shuddering and skeeving as to a replay of that...


I hope that David and Steve are doing well......and tell him to tell Robert to piss off....well use the "F#@K" word but "piss off" works too!


I pray for peace and harmony and love for you...ok, I am ending this before I start sounding like the Coca Cola commercial.



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I dunno here. On the one hand, yeah, abuse is a Bad Thing, and if Chaz was doing that I think she's OK to make a stink about it even if you don't like it. (Given the way most abusive situations seem to go, they seem pretty obligatory for the abusee to even come anywhere near acknowledging what's going on) On the other, from the descriptions you and Chaz have given, Chaz wasn't hitting you -- he was in a fistfight with his brother and you got in the way. That's a very different thing indeed, and if that's accurate Selene's definitely over-reacting.

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Chaz and Green ~ you have both been shoved into an awkward and uncomfortable place through no fault of your own. It's hard when you lose a friend, and one who has been as close as Selene has been to you guys. :hug: to both of you.


Green, it was unfair of Selene to bring up your first boyfriend but in doing so, you can compare that relationship with the one you have with Chaz...actually, there is no comparison. Chaz will always be number one with you, now and forever


Chaz, you and everyone knows that it wasn't your fault that Green got hurt. It was an accident. And it's not your fault that Selene is acting the way she is. You aren't the one who is breaking up the friendship that Green has had with Selene. She is doing it all by herself. Again you are not at fault.


I was thinking as I was driving home from work, that all of us are responsible for our own actions or inactions. We aren't responsible for someone else's actions or inactions (unless they are little children of course and we need to protect them from danger). And at the same time, we cannot control how other people think of us. We can only control how we think of them and how we think of ourselves. You can't control how Selene acts towards you or thinks about either of you. You are only really responsible for your own actions and thoughts.


I think you guys need to remind each other, that it is no ones fault but Selenes if she thinks badly of either of you or acts badly toward either of you.


Maybe Selene will come to her senses sooner or later and want to apologise for her actions and resume the friendship you guys once had. If and only if she does that, you will need to decide what you want to do. And it is your decision if you will let her back into your lives. Not her decision...your decision.



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