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Just Some Thoughts On The Election Results . . .



If all goes according to the Constitution, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of these the Divided States of America on Friday, January 20, 2017.


I suppose by the following Monday the order will go out to either the Army Corps of Engineers or some other government entity to begin construction on the Great Wall of America. When we threaten to bomb major cities in Mexico for not being forthcoming with the funds to cover the project is open to speculation because how else will we make them pay for it?


When can we expect our troops to come home from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan? Will they come home before our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Syria, and Turkey? When will our troops be coming home from Europe?


If Putin asks for Alaska back, will Trump’s minions be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement based on the original price paid, plus interest, in lieu of armed invasion with tactical nuclear weapons?


If North Korea launches an all-out attack on South Korea, will we go back to help them? Or, will we settle for no more Samsung or LG appliances and cell phones? If a nuclear armed missile from a North Korean submarine obliterates much of Los Angeles, what will the President tweet?


When Iran annexes Iraq, will we care? When they send a nuclear armed missile targeted on downtown Tel Aviv, will we care?


When President Trump signs the bill making same-sex marriage illegal throughout the country, will we care?


How will President Trump convince GM, Ford, and Dodge to stop making their vehicles in Canada and Mexico? Will he force them with retaliatory legislation?


Just some thoughts based on the words of the upcoming, new President of these the Divided States of America.

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