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Potpourri of Updates



Welcome to my little potpourri of updates.  It has been a little while again.  As it happens, I get way too busy bouncing all over the place with all the stuff I'm doing.  Some personal stuff first... the project I started two years ago with my mother after dad died is now pretty much done.  We converted the back porch of the house into a very nice family room that iBlacklightss pretty much all windows.  (There are 15 windows in the room).  It turned into a great place for me to write and to read when I stayed there during my vacation from work.  Mom is also very happy with it, which is the most important part, of course.

I can also report that the mancave I built in the barn at moms is also finished stage 1.  Aside from the nice Phillips Hue lights in the room, I have some black lights mounted on the back of the projection screen. There are no windows, so this room can truly be a cave.

As for the site, we have worked out the majority of the bugs from the transition to the new software.  Just in time for the next transition, it seems.  Forum software 4.2 is in Beta 8 and is scheduled to be released in the first week of August or there about.  We will be waiting until or so before we upgrade if we even have our software update ready for that.  Stories do work with the update already, but some new features aren't integrated yet.  We hope to have that all set by the time the software is ready to upgrade.  The upgrade to the new version should not cause all the issues we just went through, as the hardest parts are now behind us.

I am also in the process of writing the specifications for the next feature update to stories that focuses on adding the "Reading Lists" feature into stories.  This will also replace our dodgy "Favorite Author" and "Favorite Stories" list with something much more useful and obvious.

In addition to that stuff, I have also been researching business and marketing stuff.  With our business model, we need a constant flow of new people and new material and the success of eBooks has taken away a lot of our feeder streams.  These means that we have to take more effort, time and resources in order to further develop our own stream.  We are working on a bunch of stuff that's more long term development in nature.  It is exactly what the revenues from Premium Content gets sunk into.  If you don't already subscribe, doing so keeps this train moving:

In addition to all of that, we are also working on developing more writing resources for our authors. Comicality has been very kind in helping me out with articles for a new feature that will be coming later this summer.  I hope to get that set up so we have regular articles and other helpful material to be released on a regular schedule.  


I've also been making an effort to write something every day.  None of it is worthy of you guys seeing yet, but it will be when I get back into the regular swing of things. I promise.


That's all for now.  I'll try to do this more regularly, even if it is just to bs a bit. :) 

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Good to know that you're actually a human Myr and doing non-website related stuff like converting porches. I was beginning to wonder what you were doing with all that free time you must have on your hands now that you've almost finished exterminating those nasty bugs!

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