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Has it been two weeks?  It already feels like two years.  Aside from all the work here, I work full time.  We have the same issue with our programmer, but he's on a totally different time schedule.  So it adds to some complications in getting these bugs fixed.  I'm sorry it is taking so long, but some things are being a bit stubborn.  You guys see the ship is moving, but you don't see that the engine keeps randomly spewing oil all over the engine room.  I'm just happy we keep moving.


In order to stay somewhat sane, I've been taking a break from working on stuff to enjoy the new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda.  I'm enjoying the game a lot, even with all the well documented quirks, shall we say.  It is truly funny at times... both intentionally and not so intentionally. (look up duck walk Mass Effect on YouTube)


Hopefully, we'll get these bugs all wrapped up in the next couple weeks and we can focus on the new stuff going forward.  There are some pretty nice changes coming in 4.2 version of the forums.  We're looking at replacing Chat.  The next version of stories should have the previously mentioned "Reading Lists" feature in it that does a much better job with Favorite Authors, Favorite Stories, a To Read List, Your Reading History, and custom lists.  (Stories 2.1).  The version after that is aimed at authors and making managing story posting a lot easier for both authors and for us with our new Story Queue system. (Stories 2.2).  Both of these features were removed from this release of stories in order to get it out faster.  Also, we should have a lot less issues with the next updates, as they are relatively minor changes to existing stuff, unlike the giant upgrade we just did.


Once all that stuff is finally behind us, I'd really like to get back to reading and writing for fun. :)


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First off, so jealous that you have the new Mass Effect game.  Number One Son and I play that!  It's on our list to get soon.  That duck walk was hilarious!  

Second, thanks again for all you have done.  It's a massive undertaking, and to do it while holding down a "real world" job and a life, borders on the heroic!  So for now, I'm just going to be patient, look around the new site, and read my stories.

Thanks again!

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