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We're having a great time here at the beach. It's still cold as hell but at least we are having fun. Selene finally found us we wouldn't have let her in but it was cruel to leave her out in the cold with her daughter so we let her in. Green and I love her daughter, she's so cute. Selene yelled at us because of the Dragon breath remarks we have made. I pointed out that neither of us lied. She thought it was rude of us to mention it. I wouldn't have if it wasn't for the fact that it kept me up all night.


We're going back home tomorrow and Green is leaving me to plan some surprise that I am really worried about. Though his surprises do tend to be very good. What bothers me the most is that Selene is in on it. I hope she's not still mad at me.


Green's been writing some stuff that seems very personal to him because he wont let me see it. It's this darkest day Mr. Black chapters. He even locked his laptop so I couldn't get in when he wasn't looking. I don't know I don't like this. :angry: He said he would let me see it when he was ready to but I know where the story is headed and I dont know why he would keep it from me. Oh well.


There are people here that seem to like the cold. There was one guy walking around with a tank top. Green wanted to go outside and yell at him. :blink: We walked by the water and met with Green's father for lunch. He who works near here. He took us out to eat Japanese food. I must say that I hate sushi but I do love spring rolls. Green almost choked on wasabi sauce. His father and I laughed until he got mad and almost choked on water. :lmao: No I didnt laugh this time. This time I actually felt bad.




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That's great you two are having a great time just being by yourselves for once!!! :) I bet that feels really nice. hehehe *smirk* I'm also glad to hear that Green's ankle is feeling better. :music: Might Mouse! Great cartoon. That story made me think of some of the dumb thing's I've done. The best involved my broken toe, a beachball, and falling out of the top bunk in my dorm room. :lmao:


Anyway. I just wanted to say congrats on being able to sneak away for a few days and to the peace and quiet. So, does Selene have you guys bugged or does she use GPS??? ;) J/k but still funny. :) Good luck and I hope you both have an awsome last night and day away before having to return home to the zoo. :)


Take Care!! :2thumbs:


- Kaiten

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Hey Green and Chaz..I swear...I am beginning to thing that Buttershots is correct...Selene must have your vehcile with a GPS device on it....and to use her cute daughter to get to see you....I am going to behave but really..why couldn't she leave you two to be...I just don't get it..and to say she was upset with a bad breath comment is lame! Come on....you two don't go interrupting her and her BF..she would kill you both if you did....


What happened to respecting your wishes and boundaries...cripes!


Ok, now I feel better..I mean I do think Selene is cool but I don't think she is cool in what she did....very uncool..and she can hate me for it..but there I said it..I spoke my mind..


Are you sure she isn't an Italian big sister.>I have three of them that Selene would fit in well (I won't lump her in with my Italian step sisters..I haven't seen them in close to 20 yrs.)


but she reminds me of my sisters wanting to know every detail..grrrrr..don't you get any privacy?


HMMMM>..Green, I know you will have a romantic surprise for Chaz..but um...no alcohol, (no flying Green Machines...and we know what happens when Super Heroes mix alcohol with thoughts of Flying without one's cape....and without a jet pilot....)


I hope that you both are enjoying your mini romantic vacation..and I am not a Japanese food or fish lover...poor Green and hot spicey foods....ouch......he must have been turning Green......yikes.....


so Chaz are you still blonde haired? red head? brunette? blue? pink? purple? any combination thereof? I was just wondering......


maybe that's the surprise...Green is going to be blonde since he said blondes make great boyfriends..so he wants to be a great boyfriend to you and become blonde:) I think that would be sweet but I have a weakness for dark haired men.....and he has long hair...oh my.......be still my buzz headed goateed wish I had hair on my head heart...LOL:)


enjoy the rest of the vacation..and check the vehicle for that GPS device!!! hee hee:)



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So, does Selene have you guys bugged or does she use GPS???



That's great!!




She has some type of suped up Green-dar. She's always had it since we were in HS. Her ability to always know where I am creeps me out.



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