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Felipe Neto and His Sage Advice

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Felipe Neto and His Sage Advice


In the midst of some stressful situations, I came across a stand up comedy by a Brazilian Youtuber, Felipe Neto (though it was thankfully subtitled in English). I sometimes watch stand up comedians because their anecdotes remind me that we all go through some crazy shit in life regardless of our backgrounds. 


Now, Neto is a goof. Some of jokes were more easily grasped culturally by his fellow Brazilians than others, but I chuckled at most of his deliveries. Then, he veered off into different subjects that he was passionate about and delivered his anecdotes in a TED-talk fashion. 


I wanted to share some of what he spoke about:


There is only one real self-help advice that really changes your life...


Uncover what your fears are.

Face your damn fears.


The fear I'm talking about is the following: 


Think about who you would like to be... 
Where you would like to get... 
Your goal, your dream. 
That dream that is so deep inside of you that you even avoid commenting about it with others because, only speaking of it, it seems like you are trying to accomplish it and you don't want to fail.

THAT dream.


Why are the vast majority of people not on the path that leads them to that dream?

I guarantee that there was a fear in their path which the person decided not to face and, instead, chose an easier route. 


Find out what that fear is.

Face it.

Give your best attempt!


Life gives us a way out.

Inside each of us is a big red button that only we can press.

That's the "Fuck it!" button. 


And the moment that you face that fear and are defeated by it...press the red "Fuck it" button and try again!


If there's one thing I want you to leave with, and take with you for the rest of your lives, it's a question.

A question I want you to ask yourself forever.

When you lay your head on your pillow, remember me, and this question:


"What am I doing to conquer my fears?"


-Felipe Neto, from My Life Makes No Sense




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