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October Classic Feature Jack Scribe's Life's a Grind



Happy October! Thanksgiving for our Canadian friends, Halloween for just about everyone, or all sorts of festival fun if you're not a follower of the candy trick-or-treats theme. The year is passing by so fast, and we're almost done with 2020 (whew!). I thought the title of this month's feature was apt for how many of us probably feel about this year.... Enjoy!

Life's a grind banner black background with a white eye mask icon

Length: 97,474

Description: Jeremy and his group of friends are seniors at a Chicago high school. He juggles a part-time job (to help pay expenses at home) with the academic challenges and school activities of his final school year. His life reaches a watershed moment when he is offered a very unique job at the same time questions about sexual orientation are tested and answered.

A Reader said (Chapter 1): Wow... what a valuable, but unsteady childhood for Jeremy. I am glad that Winston and Karl had given him the good, bad, and ugly on everything before they passed on. Most children who are exposed to the fact that someone they knew died of AIDS make them subtly reinforce the "deviant" excuse of how people contract the disease. It's pretty sad, but I'm glad Jeremy got to learn everything and had positive role models in lieu of a proper father figure. ~ J.T. 


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Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

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I've just read the first chapter, and it looks as though it should be an interesting story.  I'll add it to my ever growing list of ones to read in the future. :) 

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    • By Carlos Hazday
      Mr. Scribe is no longer with us physically, but he's alive and well in our memories.
      Today would have been his birthday and I think it's a perfect day to celebrate his life.
      I plan on reading the Splash Trilogy one more time this weekend in his honor!
      Thanks for the memories, Jack!   
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