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Staff Prompts #7 & #8

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Well this week was gone in a flash! Speaking of flash, are you feeling motivated to write a prompt in a flash? Well we actually got a response to one of the prompts last week, so make sure you pop over to this topic and see what anonymous penguin crafted a story :gikkle: 

Since we have got a few great prompts from Cia, why not a couple of more this week?


Prompt #5 - Use the following words in a story brought to you by @Cia

dodge help deep bodyguard strawberry wind


Prompt #6 - Creative Dialogue brought to you by @Cia

"You must be mad, coming here like this." The captain stalked to his desk and leaned over it. His piercing gaze struck me and turned my icy determination to water. "I dare you to say that again."


If you so feel motivated to give one a shot, why not post a link in one of the two topics that are here!

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I'm liking these creative dialogue prompts.  And thanks for the plug, Steve... I think :unsure:  :gikkle:  :hug:  

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