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February Classic Author Feature: Heritage Heretic by Lugh



February means love, romance, sex... um, the unintended consequences of that sometimes? Okay, I admit I love stories that include the educational field since I work in it and like to see different authors take on the world I live in. This story, on the surface, seems like a simple day in the life of a couple of HS seniors... 

Tree with a bunch of children representing a family tree

Length: 4,348

Description: 2010 Spring Anthology Michael Thomas George, known as Trey by his friends, has to participate in his high school’s annual spring heritage carnival although he is very much against it, or he does not graduate. The morning of April 16th is bright and clear and all the tables are brightly decorated, except one…

A Reader said: I like the fact that you launched right into the story without preamble. The portrayal of high school seniors as opionated and aggrieved, righteously indignant young adults was respectful and insightful. Their audacity made me laugh. The acceptance these young people enjoy is heartwarming.


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Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

Lugh Heritage Heretic Md.jpg

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This is an enjoyable story.  I've read it before, but just read it again.  It's a quick read that's definitely worth checking out. 

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I'd forgotten about this story, but it's always fun when clever young people get the better of ignorant teachers.

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