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foppery - Word of the Day - Thur Jan 6, 2022




foppery - (noun) - 1: foolish character or action: folly; 2: the behavior or dress of a fop

West End Walking GIF by Official London TheatreSeason 8 Clown GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


The ruling class has always been a clown show, it just varies the level of foppery to fit the times.


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Ladyboy shows in Thailand are fun.  The true definition of foppery is when when the men look like this.  

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I have a casual friendship with a man in the museum world who fell into the foppish category, only do to his hair. Of course he knew his style suited him, and it did (very well) at the age I was first introduced to him (now changed as age will do to each of us), but he himself was not foppish in the least (outside of the occasional [okay, more than occasional] movement of his head to remove said hair [dark-brown and hanging in glorious curls] from his eyes and forehead). His baking skills were crowed about by all who knew him (well deserved).

It was in Toronto that I first saw The Fifth Element upon release, where he and I sat side-by-side as we watched in stunned aww the glorious spectacle that would go on to become a life-long favorite movie of mine.

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