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My Daily Bread Crumbs 12 Jan



January 12th 2022 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day or week for details)

Kiss a Ginger Day

National Pharmacist Day

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

National Curried Chicken Day

National Hot Tea Day

National Take the Stairs Day

National Youth Day


Fun Observances

 Marzipan Day

Celebrate marzipan, the sweet, almond-based multi-purpose confectionary on January 12, Marzipan Day.


Marzipan is one of those food items that evoke extreme reactions. Love it or hate it, it is one of the most well-known and widely used food item in kitchens and bakeries around the world.

Decorating Cakes

Made of almond meal and sugar, marzipan is usually used to decorate cakes. Its dough-like consistency makes it an ideal material to make novelty shapes and figures.

Some historians believe that marzipan has Arabic roots, while others believe that the Chinese introduced it to the world. Either way, it has now become the mainstay of holiday and wedding celebrations in many parts of the world.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make your own marzipan and use it to make treats.
  • If you can’t make your own marzipan, buy pre-made marzipan and shape it.
  • Learn the different ways marzipan is used by people in different cultures.

Did You Know...

…that the wild varieties of almond are not fit for human consumption? This is because they contain a compound called glycoside amygdalin, which turns into hydrogen cyanide if the seed is crushed or injured.




I didn't realize how bad of a driver I was until my satnav said,

"In 400 feet, do a slight right, stop, and let me out."




I answered a 911 call at our emergency dispatch center from a woman who said her water broke.

"Stay calm," I advised. "Now, how far apart are your contractions?"

"No contractions," she said breathlessly. "But my basement is flooding fast."




When my friend spotted a blind man and his guide dog at a crosswalk, she stopped her car and waved them on.

"Uh, Cynthia," I said, "he can't see you."

"I know that," she said indignantly. "I'm waving the dog on."




Movie Quotes—The First Drafts

The Godfather:
"I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. Well, he can refuse it, of course. I just know that if someone were to make me an offer like this, I’d jump all over it. But who am I to impose my feelings on someone else?"
The Terminator:
"I’ll be back. Do you need anything while I’m up?"
Dirty Harry:
"You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? I ask myself that every day, and you know what? I feel so very lucky. Loving family, steady work …"
Taxi Driver:
"You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Sorry, it looked like you were talkin’ to me. My mistake."






















































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