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cloister - Word of the Day - Mon Jan 24, 2022




cloister - (verb) - 1: to seclude from the world in or as if in a monastery; 2: to surround with a covered arched passage

star wars jedi GIF by University of Glasgow


These last two weeks to flatten the curve have felt like two years being cloistered from society...


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Is it just me, or didn't you know the distinction between the following either?

  • cloister = general term
  • monastery = cloister for monks (meaning "alone"; stay in the monastery; as compared to a friary; see video below)
  • nunnery/convent = cloister for nuns
  • friary = cloister for friars (meaning "brother"; travel and work outside the friary; as compared to a monastery; see video below)


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