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May Classic Author Excerpt: The Dream Dreams the Dreamer by Andy78



This is a short feature this month, so I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy Andy78's anthology story from 2013, The Dream Dreams the Dreamer. If you haven't read it yet, maybe you will enjoy this excerpt. 



The figure finally stood up, dropped the hood of his cloak, and ran his fingers through his hair; I was staring at a very cute boy. I judged him to be around my age, so thirteen or fourteen years old, he had pale brown eyes and a thick mop of dark blond hair; actually, he reminded me of the kid who had played Jonathan Bower on the American TV series Who’s the Boss. He straightened out his black robes, and then spoke to me.

“I apologise for waking you, Matthew.” He had addressed me by my first name, yet I had no idea who he was. He smiled at me and said, “But you do know me.”

Did he just read my mind?

How could he have read my mind like that?

“I don’t know you. Believe me, I’d remember.”

“Think back, Matthew. Two years ago. At the hospital.”

I thought back, and knew that he was referring to my cousin’s death. Charlie had been run over by a car, and he had remained in a coma for nearly two weeks before dying without ever regaining consciousness. I had spent every day at the hospital visiting my cousin, and would sometimes play with the children on the main ward when I could no longer cope with seeing my cousin hooked up to all those tubes and machines. I suddenly realised that I did know the boy I was looking at; he had been there the night that my cousin had died.

“Yes, Matthew. I am what you would call Death. Actually, I am one of many Angels of Death. I was there that night to help your cousin on his way home. You may call me Stephen.”

“And you’re here . . . for me?”

“Not in the way that you think.” I let out a sigh of relief. “I knew that you were special when I realised that you saw me that night two years ago. Very few humans are aware of us, and even fewer can see us.”

“What do you want from me?” Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared; but I suppose it’s hard to be scared of the Angel of Death when he’s such a cute bundle of sexiness. Jesus Christ! I’ve had some really fucked up dreams in my time, but perving on the Angel of Death is a new one, even for me.


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Does anyone know what has happened with Andy78.  I haven't seen any posts or stories from him in ages.  I know he was having health problems when he was helping me with a story, but then we lost touch.  I'd sure like to know if he's ok, if anyone has that information.  

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This is a haunting read.  It’s not a genre I would normally go for but it is a very well written piece based on a clever premise.  👍 

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