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May Classic Author Feature: The Dream Dreams the Dreamer by Andy78



May is a month of changes, and this story is one I think fits perfectly with that theme. Have you ever read our Classic Author, Andy78's story, The Dream Dreams the Dreamer from the 2013 A Night to Remember Anthology? If not, check it out now!

The Dream Dreams the Dreamer Banner


Length: 2,546

Description: Matthew dreams that he is recruited as an Angel of Death.

A Reader said: A very enjoyable read, Andy. Seeing I'm getting up in years, I hope when the Angel of Death comes for me that it's someone cute like that, because then I'll go willingly. If the Angel is like the Darker version everyone else uses, I'll probably fight him tooth and nail. Great job and I really enjoyed this. ~BillW


If you want to spread the word about Andy78's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature!

Andy78 The Dream Dreams Md.jpg

Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

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3 hours ago, Slytherin said:

I miss Andy. I enjoy reading his stories 

Me too.  I really like his stories, and he was really nice to interact with in the forums too.  :(  

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