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Anthology Favorites



There are currently 781 anthology stories in the GA story archive, so there’s sure to be something in there for everyone.  It’s hard to pick a favorite out of that many stories, but in the nine years I’ve been on the site, there are a few that stand out to me. 

The Bachelor Farmer by Cole Matthews is the first story that comes to mind when I think about favorite anthology stories.  It’s a unique blend of history and characterization and has stuck with me since I read it back in 2014. 




Viv’s Underneath this Big Ol’ Sky series was posted in 2011, prior to my joining GA, but they definitely rank up there with some of my site favorites, anthology or not.  While each story can be read on its own, Viv has created a compelling series that begs for more.  I really wish she was still writing, so I could read more of these gems. 



Another memorable series comes to us courtesy of @cia.  A Maze for Three is a great combination of modern sci-fi and shifter stories. 



I could go on and on, but I’ll feature one more.  @myr still has readers begging for more of the world he created for this story, even eight years later.  *hint hint*




What are some stand-out anthology stories that you’ve read?  Post the links in the comments and share why they’re your favorite. 

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