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I love a good play on words, which is why I like Dad jokes and memes with puns.  Don't judge me... someone has to laugh at them!  :P Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any eye strain or facial bruising caused by excessive :facepalm:from any stories inspired by these prompts.  


PT Prompt #85:

Sometimes words have very different meanings across languages.  For example, the word "gift" in English means something given to another person without expectation of payment, synonymous with "present".  In German, however, it has a much darker meaning - a "gift" in German means "poison".  Write a scenario where your character uses a word incorrectly in a language foreign to them and what happens based on the miscommunication.  


PT Prompt #86:

Everybody loves a good pun, right?  Write a story riddled with puns.  The more groan-inducing and facepalming the better.  

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Oh jeez. I'm TERRIBLE with puns. I could stir up serious drama with some language barrier miscommunication. 

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A few lightning bolts refused to go in until the clouds could provide them with a better storm. Hmmm...I guess they were on strike. 

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