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Featured Story: The Purple Door



With the weather changing with people looking to more indoor activities up north, why not consider a home renovation? Aditius from the Review Team did up a great review for the November Featured Story which may or may not have a home renovation in it. Enjoy!



The Purple Door
by Valkyrie

Reviewer: Aditus
Status: Complete
Word Count: 5,616

November is the perfect month for a ghost story when meadows are shrouded in fog in the morning and it gets colder and darker, at least here in the Northern hemisphere, don’t you think?

Greg and his partner had it all planned out: as their retirement project they would buy and restore an abandoned house. After losing David, Greg decides to go on with the plan and honor David’s dream. He buys an old Victorian including an overgrown garden and a purple door.

Are you already imagining how the story could go? Especially when I tell you David once told Greg “When you dream, look for a purple door. When you open it, I'll be there.”

Well, I totally guessed wrong and I’m happy about it. Valkyrie told a much better story than I did in my mind.

Now find a comfortable spot, you’ll be able to see the house with your mind’s eye, and meet the people and the ghost while Greg works on the house.

Category: Anthology 2022 - Anniversary  Genres: General Fiction  Sub-genres: Drama  Tags: mature adult, ghosts  Rating: Teen

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  • Site Administrator
10 hours ago, raven1 said:

Anthology 2022 inspired a lot of great stories.  The Purple Door is one of the best written by an outstanding author.  

Thank you so much :hug:  

And thank you to @Aditus  for the great review!  It was a nice surprise to see after getting home from vacation.  

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