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Paramount to sell Star Trek Franchise!



Paramount has done such a fine job with Star Trek, turning it over to the 10,000 Woke Monkey's Typing script shop, Gene Roddenberry wouldn't even recognize it and would be horribly embarrassed by it.

Star Trek offered an optimistic, idealistic post-scarcity vision of the future. It offered insights into technology that inspired its child viewers to grow up, become engineers and invent the tech. What the hell were they thinking? They took something inspiring and wonderful, then shit all over it.

As someone who actually tries when I write, I am enraged by low-energy efforts that will be published or produced anyway. Especially on established franchises with significant cultural importance and impact. There is fan-fiction better written and more thoughtful than the video diarrhea Paramount has excreted in its latest round of ABJECT FAILURE with this franchise.

With such a rich heritage, telling a decent story and following cannon should be a labor of love. Instead, it's an F-ing labor to watch in its current state.

After Pic-tard and Douche-covery, I doubt the whole franchise is worth more than about tree-fiddy max.


It'll probably be sold out of the trunk of a meth dealer's car.

God knows what sacrilege the next bunch of Hollywood fuk-wits will get up to with it. My hopes Trek's legacy will be treated with any respect are about ZERO because that optimism and hope is something the WOKE machine cannot tolerate in its serfs. It needs us hopeless and broken to tolerate its future vision.


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