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To Sequel or Not to Sequel

Libby Drew


Should I or shouldn’t I? This has always been a relatively easy question for me because I have the attention span of a kitten. Rarely have I felt my characters need more once I’m done with them. Of course, they could always have more adventures. I’m just ready to move on. Again, kitten on catnip.

When I type “The End” (or “Finis” if I’m feeling bougie) and readers clamor for more, then I feel successful. Yet the idea of writing a sequel makes me twitchy. I’ve noticed that when authors do provide sequels, readers sometimes complain (possibly on the DL) about the follow-ups not meeting their expectations. Maybe not so much on a free platform, but I know for sure this phenomenon exists in the publishing world, when money changes hands and readers feel entitled to the same thrill they got the first time. 

But when I take that element out of the equation, I wonder… What does a story truly need to benefit from having one or various sequels? An “open ending” to allow further plot development? An engaging and well-defined world? Memorable characters? All of the above?

And, if my original concept has been written and told, does tacking on a sequel accomplish anything meaningful?

Catnip for thought…



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