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February's Groundhogs and Mexico

Cole Matthews


When I lived in Minnesota, I always called February the longest month.  It was in the depth of winter after the holidays and before the first spring melts were even possible.  It could get depressing, so we began planning a winter getaway to the beach, and Mexico was usually our choice. 

However, not everyone had that option, especially going back in history.  Some enterprising people decided to predict just how long the dark and cold of winter would entrap people in their homes and hearths.  It was a bit of fun breaking up the doldrums of the season.  They decided the humble groundhog, making his way to the surface of the earth, would wisely know just how much winter was left.  Let's try writing about breaking up the season of frigid gloom.  

#111 - Use these words - Sand, margarita, lifeguard, coatis, casino, wig, and a man named Jesus.

#112 - You are on a bus, and reading a story about the groundhog's shadow.  Someone leans over and says to you, "Looks like we are in for six more weeks."  What happens next?

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This got me writing for the first time in too long. Was everything I could have wanted out of a Prompt. Thanks for putting this up. I look forward to more. 

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