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February CSR Feature: CrissCross Moon by RichEisbrouch



I know I often theme stories based on the month, and February is love, love, love, and romance, romance, romance. Sorry, folks, life is just too crazy for me right now. (Don't worry, those who know my hubby from the past--*snorts* that was an adventure of a membership--he's still very much my hubby) But I wanted to go for something a little more... more. Now, there's still romance in the sub-genres, but also adventure, comedy modern, and light mystery! 

Crisscross Moon

by @RichEisbrouch

Length: 43,469

Description:  A couple of young guys in the present try to figure out a mysterious legend from the past.

Meanwhile, some years earlier, a young, Native American wife is being admired by a young warrior from another family, temporarily stranded because of an injury.

And there are bears.

A reader said: Very intriguing story. Love the way you told the parallel stories and brought them together in the cave at the end. Very nicely done and most entertaining. ~ Jaro_423


Don't forget to come back and share your thoughts on Monday, February 27th!

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Thanks for this mention.  This is great.  I hope the book makes some other people smile.


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