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February Signature Author Feature: So Weeps the Willow by Cole Matthews



I went another route, tugging at the heart strings again with this read. Plus the visual was just too good to pass up! If you're stuck inside due to yucky weather, why not try this super long read of Cole Matthew's! 

So Weeps the Willow story banner

Length: 104,569

Description: Jake is having a rough time.  His career's at a dead end.  His love life is a disaster.  His mother is a mess.  Finally, he decides to turn things around. 

This is his story. 



First my husband, then my brother.  It's too much.  Just too much!



A reader said: Brilliantly crafted, full of surprises and a satisfying finish. Cole Matthews at his finest. Don't miss this one. ~Mikiesboy

If you want to spread the word about Cole Matthew's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature!

Cole Matthews So Weeps the Willow Md.jpg

Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

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Thank you so much!  This is one of my favorite stories and I had a great time writing it.  I'm humbled and thrilled for it to be featured!!!!

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Cole never disappoints. I started this story back when it first posted, but life got in the way and I'm not sure I ever finished it. That needs to be rectified at some point. 

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