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May CSR Feature: Dejection and Hope by Demiurge



Well May's a nice, loooong month, so you get a nice looong story. Let's see if you can get past the urge to just keep reading. I know I started to check which story I wanted to feature, and once I read chapter one, before I knew it I was on chapter ten... so I knew this was it! 

Dejection and Hope

by @Demiurge

Length: 129,052

Description: All Seth wanted was ramen. A small, androgynous, blond was not on his shopping list. Nor was an outspoken new friend and therapy. He’d obviously turned down a wrong aisle somewhere.

Noah has a great best friend, a great job, an okay car, and an awesome apartment. Things are great. Except he’s watching his life from inside the closet. Also, he has…eclectic tastes. Most of which involve lace and silk. He didn’t mean to take “niche” and run with it.

Will the closet door open? Will everyone accept Noah? Most importantly, will Seth get his ramen?

A reader said: So worth the read! ~ leeoeder

Don't forget to come back and share your thoughts on Monday, May 29th!

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Well the description has me intrigued.  I need to know if Seth gets his ramen!  :P 

noodles GIF by Pusheen

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