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Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 23 - Apr. 29)



It appears that spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods. All week we are supposed to be above 20 (68F) and by Thursday up to 27 (80.6 F) :o I will need to be bringing out the SPF 2200 for that day 😊 Sure enough, I head back to the office grind on Monday, but I really can't complain about the temperatures as I was not going to let the weather dictate my vacation so I wore shorts and sandals every day 😎I do however hope that everyone that are experiencing adverse weather in their area are staying safe and it is only for the short term.

Looks like the month of April did turn out to be a month of poetry. We had 3 weeks of Poetry Anthology entries and then a big thank you and all the stories wrapped up in a nice neat bundle on Thursday this week. Please take the opportunity on the Thursday blog if you haven't had the chance yet to go, to thank all our authors (on stage) participating but also the great hard work that the background (backstage) people all did. It was a great production!! It has been a long time since I've seen such a well participated in Poetry Anthology. Thank you all :worship: Take a bow.

Now I'm curious, we have had a lot come at you in the past week. CSR Discussion Day, Poetry Anthology wrap up, lots of new chapters came at you too!! So what did you take up or continuing on reading here at the site?

Being the last Monday of the month, Cia was able to interview @vanalas in the CSR Discussion Day:

Thursday as mentioned, Val did a nice little wrap up for the Poetry Anthology. Please stop by and leave a comment!!

After a bit of a break, Comicality was back with another Writing Article. Ironically the man who gives us some of the most detail and informative articles wrote his shortest article I believe, on not being wordy :gikkle: 


The omniscient one brought you all the Words of the Day this week!



Upcoming Writing Events 

Secret Author Story Contest! All Submissions due Saturday, July 1 - get the information here!

Leap of Faith Anthology! All Submissions due Sunday, October 1


Here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. Gap Year by Mark Arbour
  2. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus
  3. Luz de Castilla - Summer of '22 Book IX by Carlos Hazday
  4. A Home For Christmas by Comicality **Complete** @weinerdog said, "Think of the most heartwarming Christmas stories we grew up with reading or watching on TV and this story has all that .Well except for two cute 14 year old boys experiencing their first time what more could a GA  reader want"
  5. Some poems if I may by Aditus
  6. If Memory Serves GA by Comicality **Complete** @Doha said, "If Memory Serves GA is a short reflection on a life changing event that occurred 3 years previously. Definitely a good read.
  7. Translation Trashbin by AC Benus
  8. Lyrics for Tony - a collection of poems by AC Benus **Complete** @Drew Espinosa said, "AC, I love how your lyrics are tied by that theme of sorrow. It was a beautiful experience to read each one :hug: Your poems remind me that life isn't always sunshine and roses. That there will be low and dark points, but that is the nature of life."

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Seth on the Road to Chaos by Ronyx
  2. Secrets: The Truth is Slowly Revealed by Bill W

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. Men Of Honor by CasualWanderer82
  2. Stranded With a Vampire by Thirdly
  3. Travelling Vets by quokka
  4. Life in Suspension by Jeff Burton
  5. 593 Riverside Drive by RichEisbrouch
  6. Sacrum by C. Henderson
  7. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  8. Jacob's Advocate by Jeff Burton
  9. Coming alive by leo4567
  10. The Theocracy - The Blackened Cross by ValentineDavis21
  11. Consulate Boy by quokka
  12. Coming to Love by Tim Hobson
  13. The Icebox by JujuTheDruid
  14. Higher Education by WolfM
  15. As They Say - (Revised) by D.K. Daniels
  16. Connor and the Wolves by Yeoldebard
  17. We Are All Men: An Omegaverse Fiction by cehammock
  18. The smile that changed a life by Stannie

Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (Don't forget to Recommend too!)

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I've got to finish reading the poetry anthology submissions.  I'm a bit behind on them.  

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  • Site Administrator

Today will be a good day for me to catch up on reading the poetry anthology, since it's going to rain all day.  

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