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A quick primer on COG - A Taste of Nightmare Fuel



Continuity of Government (COG)

First really became a serious concern in the fifties at the height of the Cold War, when everyone with a chemistry set was playing with weapons of mass destruction. This made a whole generation of officers, who made their spurs after the surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor, extremely worried.

COG (Continuity of Government) are the contingencies, plans, and facilities to continue government activities and operations after a major attack or large-scale natural disaster. Considerable efforts were made over the years of the Cold War to ensure the continuity of government. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was created by an executive order during the Carter administration. It eventually grew to the point of being cabinet-level. Numerous facilities are scattered all over the country in out-of-the-way places. Each agency is responsible for creating and maintaining its Continuity of Operations Plan (COO).

There was a happy decade after the fall of the Soviet Union when COG was just a paranoid Cold War era nightmare. Many facilities were shut down or mothballed. Funding was slashed.

It took the 9/11 attacks to move COG forward with new funding and legislation. The Department of Homeland Security was established, and the Patriot Act was passed.

The United States COG plan is robust, established, and well-funded.

Any foreign or domestic enemy who wished to settle accounts with the United States or topple its government altogether must understand that it will take a titanic effort. The United States is dug-in deep in facilities built to withstand nukes. The citizens may be dead in the hundreds of millions, but by God, the IRS will survive to tax the cockroaches.
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