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rummy - Word of the Day - Fri Jun 2, 2023




rummy - (noun) - any of a certain card games whose object is to match sets and sequences

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Rummy and Pitch are the card games of choice in my family.


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8 hours ago, drpaladin said:

Since the word rummy had rum in it, it or any other card games weren't played in our temperent household. A neighbor did teach me how to play canasta as a boy and I was a wizard at it.

I have heard about canasta off and on all my life, sadly I never did learn how to play the game. Friends

have said what a pity, as it would have been a SNAP to learn.

Speaking of SNAP, have your ever heard of Snip-Snap-Snorum ?

Me, neither, or its' variations, such as Niddy-Noddy, Jig or Schnipp- Schnapp-Schnurr-Burr-Basilorum!

Snip-Snap-Snorum - Wikiwand



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