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marmot - Word of the Day - Tue Sep 5, 2023




marmot - (noun) - any of a group of thick-bodied rodents, as the woodchuck or prairie dog

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Groundhog's Day features a scene that has the titular marmot driving.


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22 minutes ago, JamesSavik said:

Serious Marmot is quite serious. It's a good thing he's not a lot bigger.


Is he related to Killer Marmot?

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We had a science teacher in HS that we all thought had a dead marmot for a toupee :unsure: Or was it dead? :o 

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According to the definition I learned, marmots are large ground squirrel in the genus Marmota.  The yellow-bellied marmot lives in the western US, and the hoary marmots are found from Idaho to Alaska.   That genus also includes ground hogs, woodchucks, and prairie dogs, because they are all considered to be large ground squirrels.  Many in this group are noted for standing upright and whistling when there is danger. 

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