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Author Guess Who #21 - Reveal!



Ah, the fourth Thursday of the month. We all know what that means, right? It's time for the Author Guess Who reveal! Did y'all have any guesses as to who the mystery author could be? If not, time to take another look at the interview... 

 > > > HERE < < <

So, we have someone who is a fan of both Alan Alda and Jerry Seinfeld, has two Bachelor degrees, and is allergic to dogs. Well, that last part is pretty tragic. How awful! Unable to pet floofy doggos... Those poor, happy puppers who won't get a petting from the human with allergies. I might shed a tear. *sniffle*  Put your Kleenexes away because it's time to reveal this month's mystery author!


It is... a Promising Author!

This author... has written 734,400 words!

This author... is... 

Tom Hanks Hello GIF


Teehee! C'mon, now. Y'all thought I wouldn't hold back my ego and be a part of the game? To be fair, I had my interview ready for almost two years. I just had to make a tweak or seven. Or was it twelve? I don't know, it was a number or four. Anyway, here's three of my stories/collections I'm most proud of! 

If you would like to participate in a future Author Guess Who interview, send me a PM (private message)! Author Guess Who is a fun way to get some exposure in our little GA community, and it will allow others to get to know you a little bit. 

I'll see ya in a few weeks for April's AGW!

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On 3/28/2024 at 4:35 PM, kbois said:

Ah! You sly dog you...

That’s one way to describe someone…… 

BTW I love your interviews @astone2292!

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