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consider yourself blogged



LONG and HARD Angel :wub:


Happy Birthday Cutie! :wub:


Eric is alive and smiling and having all kinds of fun! :wub:


Okay so some serious thank you's to deliver here, so hang on to your seats or whatever...


Davey - For ALWAYS being the Sweetie you are, MY Sweetie and my freak of nature pal, the one I can always count on to say the exact same thing in the exact same way at the exact same time and find it superb and not at all creepy! For always holding my hand and calling me while I'm naked and just... everything! I love you lots! :wub:


Joey - For being the man, saving my ass vocabulary wise, for making me laugh, for teasing me about being short :/ wait... umm for being you :wub: even if you are stubborn! You know I love ya too...


Angel - For being the therapist to the therapist 0:) and for taking me on trips with you and for trying really hard to tell me how much I mean to you :wub:


Kevin - For giving me space and for caring like you do. :hug::wub:


Foxy - For going out of his way to ask me how I am. :hug:


Petey - Oh my God! I am so, SO proud of you! :wub:


Tobi - Good luck on your exams! :2thumbs:


Ben - For leaving me great hugs and slurpy kisses 0:)


5 more days till the anthology is due and I'm STILL not done! :(


Gotta go to work now... *pouts*


Hugs, Viv


PS. OMG! Davey taught me something great! :D


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Thank you Vivian! :wub:


The first exam is done and, ...well, .... let's not talk about it. On the bright side, the other four exams can only go better now. :2thumbs:


Hugs Tob

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B)First dear, you better get it done, becuuse I so wanting to read it... like yesterday. :P


Two, do I dare ask what it is Davey taught you? I think you better tell me, for I'm getting all sort of thought and most of them I wondering how your tell over such GREAT distances. :lmao:


I've got a nickname for yah... How about Blondie


Until next time... Call me :wub: ?

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