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my day in the "big city"



Okay, so first of all, thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. And thanks again for the card, Joe. You have terrible handwriting. :P


I went out with my friend today and had an insane time. We went to Charleston, which for those of you who never learned your geography is the state capital. It's the biggest city in the state,which isn't saying much as it has a population of like 50,000, and it's pretty much where you have to go if you wanna make a day of it. So anyway, we went to the movies and saw Monster House, which was a bit of a disappointment, really. I expected more from Robert Zemeckis. But we had a couple hours to kill before the movie, so we decided to play in some stores, and we went in Toys R Us. We're wandering up and down every aisle, and we come to the barbies, so we stop to look and say things like "In my day, we didn't have all this stuff" and then we see it. The pregnant Midge doll. It has a big pregnant belly, which as it turns out is magnetic and removable. Not only that, the baby that comes with it folds in half and fits inside the belly! There are gonna be some seriously confused little girls. So my friend decides she has to buy the thing, cause it's just too funny and it's only $10. We head for the registers and there's only one open, and the cashier is this like 16 year old guy, and she gets sort of embarassed and starts going "maybe we should find something else to buy too so it's not so weird" and I get the giggles really bad and have to hide behind a display case for a minute. (Yes, that's right, we're both 23, folks, what can I say. There's not much entertainment around here.) We finally go to check out and she puts the thing face down on the counter, hoping he won't notice what it is, and when he rings it up the little screen says "PREG MIDGE" and of course I get the giggles again and I'm hiding my face and trying not to have a stroke. Then we make it to the car and rip the thing open immediately and feel like total perverts cause the first thing we did was pull up its dress to look at the magnetic belly, and it turns out it also has painted-on underwear. So, yeah, there's my big day on the town. :D

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Val, when you get up here, we are SO going shopping together.



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