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I'm back!



So. It's been a while, but it wasn't voluntary, trust me! I haven't had internet, exactly, since I've been here (Sunday). I've been waiting all week for someone to come set me up. Then I found this cable jack under my bed and yay! Except I've got the monitor on a chair, the mouse on my laundry hamper, and the keyboard on my lap, because the cable thing was on the other side of the room from the desk. So between the monitor being at a weird angle and the fact that I'm mildy tipsy, sorry if my spelling sucks here. So, where to start. It's pretty cool here, there's a lot of water around and it's pretty, and I've met some nice people, and my roommate doesn't suck, and I'm actually excited about classes. And really, really nervous, but I think that would've gone without saying. I met a cute guy earlier today (not really expecting anything to come of it, but still, it brightens the day) and this evening I went out drinking with 5 guys and my roommate, and that was a lot of fun. We found a restaurant/bar within walking distance. So all in all, I'm pretty happy. The trip up here sucked because my mom is a horrible driver, and I just want to say (with apologies to anyone from there) that I frigging hate Connecticut. And people here talk really funny, but I like it. I've done all kinds of stuff this week that I'm sure everyone would be really bored hearing about, but it's been unbelievably busy, and this was juts orientation. Classes actually start on Monday, and most people are already in a complete panic about getting the firts assignments done and stuff, and showing up like 40 mins early for class. I have serious objections to that, considering a 9 am class I have Monday. So yeah, I'm back, and I'll hopefully be around more now. The being busy will balance out with the not having dialup, I think. And I just want to say to a couple people who know who they are that you totally suck for never calling me, even during my week of complete desperation when I had no internet. :P


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Hey Vallerina! <-- my new nickname for you


Good luck with classes next week!!! Hope they aren't too stressful and such.


Glad your roomate doesn't suck :2thumbs:


Take Care,



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I'm glad you finally got your internet up :D Not that you ever talk to me anyways :/ You started going to bed too early :P


At least someone's excited by school :P



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