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Well, I have actually finished my entry for the Fall Anthology! Of course, according to Word the word count is 10,099... I'm hoping no one will notice those teeny tiny extra 99 words :whistle:


Am going to submit it as soon as I decide on a title. I hate coming up with titles. With me, either the title is the FIRST thing I think of and then write the story around it, or I can't think of a thing. I am torn between two titles at the moment. One is the one I really want--but I think it may not make sense to others. The other one is ok, just nothing special. Not that any of my titles are "anything special." :wacko:


But now that I've finished writing this, I am going to turn my attention to writing a story I have had kicking around in my head for a while. I'm not going to say much about it (not because I want to be mysterious, but because knowing me, I will change everything around many times between now and the time I actually write the first sentence), but the tentative title is "The Ghost of You." :lol: See? Title first, then story. That is how MOST things hit me. But it was inspired in part by a song by Duran Duran called "Ordinary World."


Of course, I will have to find time between kittens and work to actually write...


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All great authors have that problem - Kittens or writing.

I dunno how Shakespeare managed, and all without cat foot in cans. Miraculous!


Camy B)

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Hey Luc!


First off YAY :2thumbs: I can't wait to read the anthology!


Secondly: YAY!! :2thumbs: I can't wait to read the new story :boy:


LOL, just a little FYI you probably don't care about, "Ghost of You", I believe, is also the title of a Good Charlotte song ;) . Decent song, but I bet the story will be superb!


Take care and have a great day! :D


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Ohh, that title has me already wanting to add it to my "Reading List".. lol..


I cannot wait for the Fall Anthology..!


Goodluck tearing yourself away from those kittens.. lol.. I know I'd have a terrible time getting away from them.



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