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More kitten pics



Took more pics of Little Girl and her new babies. She is a very good mama and tends to lie on top of them when anyone wants to look at them :D Of course, they don't really like that very much. But I have managed to get a decent pic of the babies all happily dining:




I stole one of the babies while Little Girl was eating and took this pic. Strange color. Four of them have similar coloring. The fifth one is darker and may be black or dark tiger.




Edit: Well, we have MORE babies :D Pretty Girl (who is Little Girl's sister) had her babies. Four of them in all, though she waited until 12:15 am to have the 4th, so they have 2 different birthdays :D


Mama with all of her babies.




Her first three (the littlest one on the right is a bit weaker than the others. I am concerned for him. I thought he was dead when he was born. It took him a long time to breathe. I actually picked him up and held him, thinking I would put him in a box--when he moved his mouth. He seems to be moving around more now though. Maybe he just needs some time. In the pic with his mama, he is the one who is between her back legs, looking like he is trying to get back in.




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awww they're REALLY adorable, Luc!


You're right that is such an unusual colour! I hope you take some pics of them when they get bigger for us too ;)


I feel sorry for that other poor kitty, maybe he is trying to get back in. Was probably easier living there.


Anyway I'm wishing him, and all you guys the best, take care!


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The colors of Little Girl's kittens remind me of Siamese markings. Beware of Siamese cats. They are powerful personalities and will soon be running any household they enter. They are loud, opinionated, bossy and quite clever. They will have you trained in no time! :lol:

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Oh my goodness..


Those have the be the most cute kittens... Ever!


It ALMOST makes me want my cat Twinky to have some, but she's a demon.. lol. :blink:

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