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I have a special fond memory of Weed, as the town pretty much saved my life one New Year's. In 91, I drove up to see someone who was getting to be kinda special - he lived in Eugene. I had NEVER driven in the snow before, and just before Weed, it started snowing, and it was about... oh, 9 at night. Thankfully I was close enough (like, less than a mile), so I immediately pulled into town, and found a nice cheap (but really clean) motel. Scott (in Eugene) was so happy, as a friend of his who worked Oregon Highway Patrol had been telling him how many accidents they were having recently, especially with black ice (where the ice on the roads is pure black so you can't really see it - it looks like road, but you can FEEL it).


The comment about kids outside was very cool - and definately, the kind of feel that area had for me. Very small town but also very much a community. I guess it has to be, as it is fairly remote up in that area.

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