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First we'll deal with Jon..


Ok so last night Chris and I decided to talk to Jon. I


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Dave, you have lots of work to look forward to! Times like that it does not pay to be da boss. hehe. Just make sure to take care of yourself and dont wear yourself out! :boy:

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Dave and Chris,


I am betting that the Dad Jon has now is not the Dad Chris had when he came out to him. As you said there has been a lot of growth. I went through the same thing with my Dad and he, as he has grown older, has been far more accepting of me then my own sisters (who are in my age range..with me being the youngest and they are older by up to 6 yrs) My Dad and I have grown closer and I was worried that given his upbringing and the homophobia and prejudices in my family (I still wonder how I escaped all that since the overt racism, sexism, prejudice and homophobia since I was a small child drove me nuts in my family)


I am betting that your Dad-in-law has grown and matured as he watched Chris grow up and accept and love him. I am hoping this one will be a no brainer...by the time I told my Dad he said he always knew and it was up to me to tell him and he loved me and wanted me to be happy and to find love. Can't get better then that and I am counting on your Dad in law to be just the same way...I feel it in my bones and in my heart.


Good luck to all:)


As far as work goes...pace yourself.....it sounds like you will be well involved and extra stressed...Hugs for that too:) I am sure that is going to be crazy and that's a mild understatement..but I have confidence that you are up for the task ahead!



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Hey Dave,


I'm with you on Jon being cautious. Here are some other considerations, if y'all haven't thought of these.


- One gay son is tough to accept for many dads, but two? The dad might start thinking, what's wrong with me?


- Do Jon & Chris have any other brothers? If so, Dad might have been more accepting of Chris being gay because there would always be Jon to carry on the family name. If both of them are gay, he might not take it as well.


Good luck on the story remodel!


Take Care,



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