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Just some thoughts...

S.L. Lewis


You know, when I left for a small amount of time, the "Caught" thread in the Q&A section of the lounge was open. Then, I come back and it's closed.

No explanation, no nothing. I can understand that it was closed and I don't really mind it, but this is the SECOND frickin' time that it's been closed. The first time, I know why it was. This time, I have an inkling on why, but that's mostly because I've read the last two pages of pages. By reading those, I've figured out a possible reason as to why it was closed and until I hear otherwise, I'll hold those thoughts.

Anyways, I'm seeing a rampat epidimic of something that shouldn't be happening. :off:

Yes, :off: .

It's everywhere. I can understand a short little note about something, as long as it some how ties into the topic, but it drives me up a wall when they actually carry on full conversations. Yes, I've done this a few times, but I've tried to stay on topic or still talk about stuff that has to do with the topics.

I'm about to smack my head onto my desk. Let's clean it up a bit people, please? So we don't loose any more threads.


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