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  1. So now they're just messing with us. I've now got 4 old and 3 of the new reactions, when earlier today, they were all new.
  2. 2 can play this game.... It's been almost 2 years since @Wayne Gray ended Bluegrass Symphony leaving his loyal readers gutted. LOL Sorry, but you said country music in your first post and I couldn't resist.😉
  3. spyke

    A case of jealousy

    It brings about an inner shudder triggered from that most famous childhood lie of "it tastes just like chicken." 🤣
  4. spyke

    A case of jealousy

    Go Aiden Go! I think that Seamus has been taking him to the gym and Aiden's been pumping iron! LOL I'm so glad that Seamus and Brad went to lunch, talked and connected. That's exactly what Seamus needed after the Mike drama. And Matt busting Jay's chops! Great chapter @Mrsgnomie. Oh BTW, I'm onboard with the JayLoe thing too!
  5. Very interesting. Maybe that explains why it takes me 2+ hours to feel like I'm awake in the mornings. 🤣
  6. I would have gone home and let the boyfriend take care of the tingling. He could take a nap later. But I'm selfish like that. 🤣
  7. I've got to stop speed reading. I processed this as sit with a 🌭, blanket, and Tylenol and I got hungry and thought that a hotdog sounded real good. Sometimes this getting older really sucks! LOL
  8. spyke

    Party Balloon

    Getting busy writing Volume II of this story will certainly ward off any potential sadness. 🤣
  9. spyke

    Party Balloon

    And it wasn't a big deal if the family dog licked a kid on the face. Today, the kid gets scrubbed down, sanitized, and the doctor is called for antibiotics! 🤣 What a great chapter @Mrsgnomie. I had a feeling that Seamus had plans to bring Matt into the business, but I had no idea that Matt was going to use the L word. I'm glad that he finally came to terms with his feelings and told Seamus. Thanks for posting early.
  10. I have a saying for those types of people and I've actually had the guts to use it more than a couple of times: "You could test the patience of Job, and Job would lose." Feel free to borrow it anytime. Another one I heard years ago (when an employee was arguing with a shift manager at Burger King) was "You had to work extremely hard this morning to get out of the side of the bed that was labeled STUPID, didn't you?" I spewed my coffee out over that one! 🤣
  11. Yep. It's going to be a "deep breaths" sort of day. Happy Monday everyone!
  12. So you've already mapped out his whole life then.....
  13. Oh jeez. You've fast forwarded him right into the terrible two's haven't you? Poor Matt is going to need some Valium. 🤣
  14. spyke


    Jonathan, You've done so well with your research and remembrances of western PA that we might just have to make you an honorary Yinzer! 🤣
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