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  1. Date night!! You and your husband so deserve this. Hope the evening is absolutely wonderful for you both.
  2. Give this man a good raise! I live in what has to be the laziest county in the state. Trying to find reliable tradesman is next to impossible. They start out good and then hunting or beach season sets in and they disappear. Time and time again people have asked me how to be successful in my area. I tell them that showing up is half the battle. The ones who are reliable and hard working make a tremendous living. I don't have a beach house, but guess who does? Yep, that would be my HVAC vendor. He always answers when I call. He even left church early one Sunday to help out one of my elderly tenants who didn't have any heat during a really cold snap.
  3. spyke

    Chapter 7

    I had an idea of what happened when I first read it. I re-read it and I'm pretty sure I was right. Sad as I may be, it's still some brilliant storytelling @Jdonley75 🤐
  4. spyke

    Chapter 7

    That. One. Night. It would appear there's some key information that's been withheld. Absolutely masterful Mr. Donley.
  5. There are some words and descriptions in this chapter that are just clawing at the back of my brain. I think that we may be in for a plot twist that isn't the twist that everyone is anticipating or hoping for. Then there's this little gem above from our beloved author...hmmmm. Don't forget that the leaning tree isn't always the first to fall. Another wonderful chapter @Headstall! Next Monday can't get here quick enough!
  6. Try soaking the shredded mozzarella in good quality olive oil for about 1 hour before using it. It'll be so much better and not dry at all. I read that trick in a pizza cookbook years ago and still use it to this day if I can't find fresh.
  7. spyke


    Tea and a handshake. Emily is in good graces with Eric. I'm glad because I feel she'll keep an eye out for him. And I'm sure Andy will be working at her house shortly. I do hope that Felicity takes a chance and makes friends with Emily. I had to Google to find out about the Yorkshire Fat Rascals and the second entry down was for a copy cat recipe from..............BETTY'S! Another wonderful chapter @northie.
  8. Happy Belated Birthday rick! I'm glad that you're feeling better and I hope we get to see a bit more of you in the DiC.
  9. Nah, planned outage after that whistle blower interview over the weekend. Got to distract and deflect. 🤣
  10. I really hate that for you Chris. I've got my fingers crossed that they can get you into the correct hospital quickly.
  11. Don't be too sure about that. It took me 6 months from diagnosis to get my cancer treatment done because of screw ups. Then to top it off, I had to have the procedure re-done because the machine broke mid-way through. That said, I'm doing really well now with no re-occurrance.
  12. spyke


    I have always found that the ones who have the most to say are the ones who have the most to hide. I'm saddened by what seems to be forming around Eric, but I'm also glad that Brian reached out to him. I think that was just the lift that Eric needed. I'm worried about those pesky kids though. Nothing but trouble if you ask me.
  13. @kbois 👏👏👏 50 lbs is just so amazing! Congratulations and well done. Do I recall that you had started Noom as well? If so, do you think that had anything to do with changing your mindset and lifestyle?
  14. I'm thinking we need some new rules around here. When the chapter reactions hit 50 or the chapter comments go longer than 2 pages, authors should have to release the next chapter of their story 3 days early as a reward to their readers. This is not unheard of in the GA universe. What say you all?
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