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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome and special thanks to @MichaelS36 for the invite e-mail.
  2. Such an important life skill to pass onto kids. Now it seems that cooking is all but forgotten in favor of a tablet or game console. I remember being in the kitchen with my grandmother and watching her cook. And my father could just throw chicken into a paper bag and come up with fried chicken that The Colonel would tip his hat to. Unfortunately, he never did pass that secret on to me, but I can knock out some sauce that would make my grandmother proud.
  3. spyke

    Chapter 6

    Option 8 is so DALLAS. And it's been overdone to death.
  4. spyke

    Epic Life - Day 2

    The one on one session was pretty brutal. It's not easy reading about someone who's peeling back the layers and being so vulnerable in front of an audience. Great chapter @FlyOnTheWall! Can't wait for the next update.
  5. spyke

    Chapter 6

    I think they belong together too. And I think that it is possible for them to be back together and for both of them to still be dominant. A possible solution would be to seek out a sub who would be willing to play with and be committed to both of them. Stranger things have been known to happen in life.
  6. spyke

    Hurtful Truths

    Happy Birthday @Wesley8890 and Happy Belated Birthday @Laura S. Fox! I think I can understand Ryan's position since he got drug and mugged for money over a false sexual harassment claim. I'm sad for Mike though. Chris on the other hand.....well I'm just going to say it--he's a douche. I suspected he was seeing someone else, but I didn't think he was married. Jared should have gone right up to their table and said hello and watched Chris melt. Adrian and Edward seem to be so in sync. Maybe they're the couple to watch.
  7. spyke


    So now we have 2 missing and 1 deceased. Maybe the 2 missing are also deceased? Hmmmmmmmmm.... maybe Dear Auntie is a murderer!
  8. spyke

    Time For Everything

    This is hauntingly beautiful. It made me cry and smile. Years ago I had lain under those weighty stones of grief. My chest was so tight that it hurt to draw breath into my body. It lasted for a long time, It was hard climbing out of that place in my life but it did get better, and I'm so glad that I did climb out. You are immensely talented. Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece.
  9. Oh my!! Take care of yourself Mrsgnomie. We'll all be here waiting for your return!
  10. spyke

    Chapter 5

    10 bonus points for using the word petulant in this chapter. 😁 Can't wait till the talk happens between TC and David. I so hope that Dr. Charlotte does come across the pond and stays with David for awhile. She'd get him and TC all sorted out in no time. LOL. Thanks for another great chapter @kbois
  11. I'm not a parent, but I can't help but notice that many children are being ignored by their parents these days. Parents have their faces in cell phones either texting or looking at the latest on FB, Insta, etc. and are unresponsive when a child tries to get their attention. When they finally do respond, it's usually a response of annoyance towards the child. Kids are allowed to wander and run amuck in grocery stores and Walmart unsupervised and mostly out of sight from their parents. It's sad and dangerous given that it only takes a second for a tragedy to happen. I think (at least in my neck of the woods) all to often it's a case of kids having kids and there are no parenting skills ever learned or developed. I scratch my head sometimes and wonder if some of these parents know anything about being an adult or how to survive in the world. It's a shame. When I was growing up, you were taught how to do laundry, cook, iron, sew on a button, etc. Maybe we need to drop the "new math" in school and have a course in life skills if parents are unable to teach these things. Thanks for posting this. I very much enjoyed reading your take on the lack of parenting going on in this world.
  12. spyke

    The First Christmas

    Well worth the wait @Jdonley75. I'll take it as an early Christmas present for this year and you have my sincere thanks for brightening up my day! It's amazing to me that you can go back and forth with these characters and it never seems disjointed or out place. As others have said, it was great catching up with the Orchard Gang. Take care and as always, I am looking forward to your next work.
  13. Hmmmmmmm.... Me thinks Toby was a big old man slut and was trying to put the make on poor little Ary. Massage.......oldest trick in the book. LOL. Another great chapter Laura!
  14. spyke

    Chapter 3

    Well this is an interesting turn of events. Leave it to David to find his own Dr. Ruth! LOL. Charlotte is just terrific and she's managed to guide David to figuring out exactly what is the problem. Charlotte is right in sending him off to let his Dom out for awhile so that he can figure things out. Another great chapter @kbois
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