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  1. Take care chris. Hope the doctors can find out what's wrong and get you on the mend quickly. Keep us updated if you can.
  2. Sending positivity and strength to you and @MichaelS36. I know he'll take good care of you and see you through this.
  3. Not a thing wrong with that. Trust me when I tell you that I won't turn you into the motivation police. That would be too much like pot meet kettle. 🤣
  4. Hey rick, No snow here, but I did the early morning shopping thing too. Guess we've got that "great minds" thing going on. I actually had a pleasant time shopping in Walmart. Who'd have thunk it? Other than that, it's a lazy Sunday for me!
  5. Hope you feel better soon Wayne. Hot and sour soup always works for me!
  6. spyke

    Chapter 21

    The powers that be need to allow us to have more than one reaction. It's these authors' fault for running us through a roller coaster of many emotions. It's too hard to decide!
  7. spyke

    Chapter 21

    I was so looking forward to a little light Saturday morning read while I sipped my tea. Gee, thanks Brian. LOL I loved how our Squirrel had done his research and didn't back down from that bitch Muriel. She may have gotten in the last word by throwing him out of the office, but I have a sneaky feeling that her comeuppance will be forthcoming via that troll Joey. I'm hoping that Marshall was somehow delayed in returning to the press box and is O.K. Maybe an emergency trip to the loo? LOL Oh, and @lomax61, I'm borrowing that line "one has to burn a few bridges in order to stop
  8. Make that 2 new subscribers. I tried to fight, but resistance is futile. 😁
  9. I love you for posting this and I hate you for posting this🤣 Now I can't use the "it'll take to long to bake" as a deterrent to late night brownie cravings.
  10. Sorry that you're going through a rough time rick. Take care of yourself and know that we're here for you if you need us.
  11. So pretty and peaceful looking. I'm have to admit that I am a bit envious.
  12. I think you should reward yourself with a nice shot of Fireball to take any chill off. 🤣
  13. spyke


    Maybe it stings because unconsciously Lee knows that Avery isn't a threat to him unlike everyone else he's encountered in his world. Also Avery doesn't want anything from him in the sense of a "business transaction." Sometimes a glance of disappointment is a far sharper knife than words can ever be. Great chapter Wayne. Can you do me a favor and fast forward to next week? 🤣
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