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  1. spyke

    Chapter 18

    I'll save @kbois the trouble because you know it's coming-- CORNER NOW!! 🤣
  2. spyke

    Chapter 18

    Hmmmm.....Why does that sound like a very thinly veiled threat for a few of us? LOL Well we now have a plan and everyone is going off in three different directions. While I'm nervous for Elijah, I'm most concerned about Reilly. This is going to be very difficult for him, even with Sebastian right next to him. The mine seems like it has all of the elements that are needed to move the operation. Hopefully Ben and Zev can pull off the reconnaissance mission and confirm the location.
  3. spyke

    Chapter 17

    Friday, you know.
  4. spyke

    CDMX • XVI

    So nobody's going to mention Austin getting him some Callum? Fine, I'll go first.. @Carlos Hazday is so good at making his readers care about his characters. I just love the interactions with the grands and that DILF crack was just classic. On the other hand I now truly despise Northman and only wish evil to befall him.
  5. Yep. Hope you're doing ok too. I think it's a January thing with people busy with end of year stuff and playing catch up from the holidays. At least that's what it is for me. 😁
  6. spyke

    Chapter 17

    At least university students should understand the term "AS-IS" when it applies to a sale. LOL
  7. spyke

    Chapter 17

    There you go. I fixed that for you! Nope, I wasn't part of that Chapter 16 party. 🤣🤣🤣 This is my "I'm impatient, please hurry up and post now" signature!
  8. spyke

    Chapter 17

    I'm good with that. I have to babysit children posing as adults for the next few days with my work, so I'll be _______(fill in the blank) deep busy with that.
  9. spyke

    Chapter 16

    Says the Mistress of Misdirection. 🤣
  10. spyke

    Chapter 16

    Just Watch says 5 seasons free on Roku Channel, Vudu, Tubi, Plex, and IMDB and stream on fubo. You're welcome and nope, not going to the corner. LOL You're welcome also. LOL
  11. spyke

    Chapter 16

    Well @kboisneeds to be thanked for hitting the hot sex scene right off the bat. Happy Saturday!! I'm still not buying the sweetness and nice from Nat. This pup snatching ring is a huge operation and I'm not too sure it's just limited to Alberts and Belland. Our boys have got their work cut out for them. This isn't going to be easy peasy because that isn't Countess Cliffhanger's style. (Runs and ducks).
  12. spyke

    Chapter 16

    Here's some inspiration for the French Bulldog. Russell Tovey. Because: Ears, and he owns one. Now get busy writing. LOL
  13. spyke

    CDMX • XV

    Awww, poor Stephen got put in time out by Madam Ambassador. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. It's great to see the Grands again. I loved how César pulled Infanta right into the reception. I'm sure she never imagined that she would ever meet the First Lady. I wonder if her new "fame" will be limited to just her family and friends? That might not be such a good thing... Thanks for the Friday treat Carlos. Another excellent chapter!
  14. Glad to hear you're on the mend, Fae. Sending you good thoughts and lots of positive energy for your continued recovery.
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