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  1. There would only be one bullet point for me in this section and that would be "Send an e-mail." 🤣 I prefer having everything in writing so nothing gets twisted around, and in my business, things always get twisted. It's helped me CMA more times than I can count. I'm good with not talking to people when it comes to business.
  2. I'm sorry about your situation molly, but this just made me giggle, and I needed that after today! 😊
  3. spyke

    Chapter 18

    This one just upped the yuck factor by about a trillion. This was a really hard chapter to read, but we all wanted to know. It's just so beyond what I expected.
  4. spyke

    Chapter 16

    Joyeux 14 juillet @Mark Arbour!
  5. I wish I could help out molly, but I've got one of my own that I've been trying to re-home as well. 😔
  6. I'm shaking my head here. Jeez--some people! You are a better person that I am. After I regained my senses, I would have responded with a large serving of snark. Something like " I only wear quality pieces that have true meaning to me. I'm allergic to costume jewelry, and ostentatious pieces don't look good on me." Who am I kidding? I'd have told them to F*#k off and risked losing my job. Like I said, you're a far better person that I. You do you and you keep right on doing you. Never doubt that you are amazing just as you are.
  7. tim gets to experiment and use his wonderful culinary talents, and you both get to eat good! Sounds like a win-win to me.
  8. spyke

    Chapter 16

    That was some excellent writing there Mr. Arbour. Will and Connie went much deeper than other "vacation relationships," but it will be different if they connect again. Will has gotten pretty ruthless when it comes to paybacks. That was a grand slam on Keith! I do wonder will the recording that Will made be released for the most impact; Bastille Day or Thanksgiving/Christmas at the dinner table? 🤣 Take care Mark. We all understand about schedules these days.
  9. spyke

    Chapter 17

    You can say it, but according to the stats, I have you beat by a few months. Now @kbois, onto my becoming a beta reader.....🤣
  10. spyke

    Chapter 17

    I am fully prepared to step in and become a Beta reader. Just let me know what you need me to do. 🤣 Not a lot of answers, but this chapter laid the groundwork on who's involved and where this is going. As much as we bitch and moan about cliffies, we'd be pissed off if there was 100% resolution in chapter immediately following. Keep on doing what you're doing @kbois!
  11. Oh that looks so peaceful and relaxing molly. I'm glad you had a great day!
  12. Sending positivity and light your way Rick. Take care of yourself and like others have suggested, try to do something to keep your mind off of things. I know, easier said than done, but staying busy helps. I had to go almost 5 months before I had my surgery last year, and it was a tough wait. I was glad to be busy with my job during that time.
  13. spyke

    Chapter 16

    No to both of those ideas.
  14. spyke

    Chapter 16

    So after having to battle this dang Tropical Storm Elsa all day long for work, I come home to 30 new notifications when I signed in, and this is what you did @kbois ? Well fine. Just fine. I'm taking to my bed now.🤣
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