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Barbie the delinquent



Well this is a pointless entry really, where you can all shake your heads and call me weird. I was watching tv the other day and discovered that Ken dolls are getting hard to find because Barbie has a new boyfriend. Apparently he's an Australian boogie boarder named Blaine. Here's some pictures: http://www.manbehindthedoll.com/BLAcaliguy.htm

I almost ruptured something laughing about it, but for some reason no one else thinks it's so funny. :wacko: I just had the thought that Barbie dumped nice, stable Ken, who I always figured for some sort of businessman, so she could run off with this guy, chasing waves and smoking pot and not wearing shoes. So, there you have it.


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Funny you should say that..I am part of another Forum (Gay of course) and we discussed Ken..and this very topic....http://www.newyorkblade.com/blog/index.cfm?type=blog&start=10/18/05&end=10/25/05#3137


I posted that as a boy, (the youngest with only sisters) I had my G I Joe but also played with Ken and said that Ken and G I Joe ran off together......


and we all admitted having played with sisters Barbies and Ken dolls our G I Joes and the fantasies we had and fun we had......so Val..once again, you are cutting edge and you didn't even know it in your observations!



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Val, I am hoping you are sticking with Gay Ken..he needs a new BF and some Gay friendly "Graces" to help him in his time of need..the poor doll...finally let out of the closet and no one to dress up for!


and who says you are on crack..shame on them! You are the coolest and well, your blogs may crack me up with laughter..but I am sure they have nothing to do with crack...



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