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This week, on My Brown-Haired Life...



So if anyone was interested, I'm still sitting at my parents' being useless. Out of all the jobs I applied for, no one wants me. I have never watched so much television in my life. My parents, on any given evening, have 3 programs that they keep up with, and another 2 or 3 that they record and we watch some afternoon when nothing's on. I find myself eagerly flipping through the TV guide when it arrives in the mail to see if I can find any hints on what's happening this week, and I really care if someone gets the villain on General Hospital. It's so very sad.


Yesterday was my parents' 25th anniversary, and they went out to dinner and bought some champagne and so forth, and my mom made a cake. I felt bad that she was making her own cake, but I'm a complete disaster at stuff like that. I had helped her look last week for a card, and we couldn't find anything that wasn't just a generic happy anniversary message, so she finally gave up and got one of those. When my dad gave her his card, he looked really proud of himself because his said "25 years in love" on the front, but when she opened it, it said "Congratulations to both of you." Apparently he didn't have his glasses with him when he bought it and couldn't read what it said inside. It was kinda cute, actually. And I called at least 20 different bakeries and flower shops trying to find a cake topper that said 25th, and all I can say is that some people should not be allowed to answer the phone. I'm from around here and I can't even understand some of these accents.


So yeah, that's all that's really happening around here. I'm hopefully going back to Pittsburgh the first of December, and some of my brain cells will start functioning again.


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Val..Happy Anniversary to your Parents!!


I miss your blog entries....and um, did you know that on GH, Lucas is Gay (the character..not sure if the real life actor is)....I have missed the last few weeks..so not sure if he came out to everyone past coming out to Georgie. The last actor that portrayed Lucas on GH is the actor on Desperate Housewives that portrays the Gay BF (in real life he is str8) of Bree's son....see, even I know boring, uninteresting gossip...that and your brown hair may be driving you insane.


I have also been missing One Life to Live these past few weeks and I heard it finally got good again!


Enjoy the rest of your stay.....and details on any fun shows:)


I am sure your BF misses you tons..and the Gang back in Pittsburgh...we online miss you tons too:)




P.S. I still say the Ken doll is Gay and you are cutting edge in your thoughts!!

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My fav was Another World... but they axed that one on me. last I heard some of the cast moved over to As the World Turns.


I miss that show, not sure why though.

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