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another day



Well there's nothing terribly interesting going on here, but I had to feed my egotistical need to post. I'm still waiting for someone to call me about a job. I had an interview Saturday but the lady seemed terribly concerned that I was too stupid to figure out the cash register, after I told her I'd never had a retail job before. I wasn't very impressed with her either, after I found out that she hadn't even looked at my application before I came in. I don't think I'll be too disappointed if she doesn't call back, but I sure hope someone does.


I've been drafted by my mother for writing out instructions on how to use the Internet for my uncle, who's never really touched a computer before. It's amazing how many steps there really are to describe for someone checking their email. When you have to describe how to click on something, for instance, it can get a bit lengthy. My mother isn't all that computer-savvy herself, but she can check email and so forth, and she's convinced that she knows everything. If I've used the computer earlier in the day and she gets online and her sound isn't working or something, she starts screaming at me about how I must've done something to break her computer. I'm nice enough to refrain from mentioning that "her" computer is actually MY old laptop, and that I taught her how to use the damn thing in the first place.


Here's hoping I have something to report tomorrow.



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Good luck with the job search and the parents.....its tough raising family....and you have a lot of patience with yours:)


Beyond that I hope you are feeling good in your brown hair and not wanting to send the parents off to parts unknown for driving you crazy. I give you credit for your stay back home. I did a few month stint with one of my sisters 6 years ago in between me selling my house then figuring out where I wanted to move. When the frustration level got too much, I made the dumb mistake of buying something I actually hated with a passion (and counted the days I lived there until I could sell) and then found my place here that I love....


of course, it was my fault but then again, hey if we can't blame family for something..oh well, I ramble again.


Hang in there Val and it is good to read you are doing ok. I hope your law school applications are going well too:)



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